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The Science of Sea Ice and What It Says About Climate Change

A headline about recording-setting losses to the Arctic sea ice has been big news every summer for the past couple of years. Climate change is causing a dramatic decrease in the amount of ice floating above the North pole. On the opposite end of the planet, however, it's a different story. In...

ENCODE: What can we learn from our "junk" DNA?

A decade ago, the Human Genome Project sequenced the complete set of human DNA, the library of genetic code sitting in 23 pairs of chromosomes in each and every one of our cells. This was an enormous undertaking, given that we each have about 3 billion DNA molecules in our genome. This...

Test Cars Are Driving Themselves Successfully

It's like something out of a science fiction movie—cars that drive themselves without needing human control or even supervision. It's hard to imagine that a computer could learn to perform such a complex task—which involves maintaining and adjusting speed, turning, viewing obstacles, and...

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