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I am a cognitive inventor. In particular, I have a theory that uses the simple idea that if you have n cubbyholes and n+1 items to stuff i

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From Rats to Cats to Humans: Toxoplasmosis, a Disease Caused by One-Celled Animal, Infects 30% of World's Population

This article describes how it is that a one celled microscopic animal was able to infect much of the worlds population. The Center for Disease Control came out with a alarming statement of late, they stated that over 60 million Americans have been infected with an parasite called Toxoplasma gondii.

Molds and How They Are Linked to Cancer, Lyme's Disease, Fibromyalgia and Mental Problems

Humans in America now have a life span of an average of 77.2 years (women out live men by 5.41 years, ( see us government Info.). Contrast this statistic with people who lived in Europe in the middle 1500's; they lived 50 years on average. The reason for the modern increase in life...

The Polymorphic Nature of Molds

Long ago Royal Rife looked into the nature of of molds.  He found, when looking through powerful microscopes (he invented them),  that molds actually take three forms in their life cycle.  They are mold, fungi and bacteria.  He also deduced that ANY of these three forms are a danger to human...

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