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Mike Dailey is the owner of claroPoint.com, an Information Technology consulting firm specializing in the design, integration, and managemen

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Tune WordPress for Speed and Security

A basic WordPress installation is pre-configured “out of the box” to provide a good level of performance and security. With a few basic steps, however, you can tune WordPress to provide a more responsive and secure WordPress website to your visitors. Disable/Modify WordPress Post Revisions By...

7 Tips to Using WordPress for a Small Business Website

WordPress continues to grow as an affordable and reliable platform for small business websites. As more small business owners turn to WordPress for small business ecommerce and marketing of services it becomes increasingly important to ensure a WordPress powered website is configured and operating...

An American Tragedy. An American Lesson.

On Friday, December 14th twenty-six people, 20 students and six adults, were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut by a well-armed gunman. As our nation struggles in the aftermath to understand how and why this unspeakable tragedy occurred, our grief is...

Anonymous, LulzSec, and the Option of Internet Security

As hacking groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec continue to make headlines, many of us in the Information Security field can only sit back and shake our heads. The large number of successful system breaches, web site defacements, and the publication of confidential data is not at all surprising.

Assessing Your Personal Online Security Posture

While the process of assessing the security posture of an organization or network can often be a daunting task, performing an evaluation of your personal security posture can be simplified and completed in a short period of time.

Anger on The Internet: Cyber Bullying and Harassment

Today the younger generations are growing up “cyber vocal”. Generations of keyboard and video warriors all too eager to take their anger online are using tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to unleash their emotions. Access to this technology empowers young adults with a medium unlike

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