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Over a half dozen people told me "I want your life." What they really wanted was to be free of fear, anxiety, and frustration. My books an

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Energy and Influence

After last week’s counterintuitive thinking program, attended by both Parkway’s Spark! and Wentzville’s Ignite students, one of the Spark! students thanked me and said “Your message is so positive. With all of the challenges of creating a business it’s great to hear such positive messages.” ...

FOR OUR KIDS: Avoiding Frustration

I attended a meeting of people involved in mentoring high school students. The mentors were becoming frustrated with the kids because they weren’t following instructions. My caveat to them “You can’t care more than the kids do.” The right to choose From roughly age two on, we strive for the...


Parents of a 12-year old said that they had repeatedly told their son that he was bright and capable. Their concern is that now he seems to be risk averse…that he doesn’t want to take risks for fear of failure. Their question “How do we deal with a problem of our own creation?” A reward, not a...

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