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Over a half dozen people told me "I want your life." What they really wanted was to be free of fear, anxiety, and frustration. My trilogy,

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Negotiation: Insights from the presidential debate

During the first presidential debate both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spoke about their negotiating skills. As I was listening to their exchange it reminded me of the one question I would ask all clients who sought my help with negotiations. That question was: Are you looking for the...

Confidence: Marketing and Acceptance

Last week we discussed how people seeking a promotion could enhance the likelihood of getting that promotion by focusing on their ability to learn and adapt instead of their experience. This week we’re going to take this discovery and apply it to business, career and personal marketing. Whether...

Confidence: Fake it ‘Til You Make It?

During a recent conference on confidence the primarily female audience bemoaned the fact that men are better at “faking it until they make it.” Based on my experience in working with both female and male clients for more than 25 years, I believe that the difference in confidence between men and...

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