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Over a half dozen people told me "I want your life." What they really wanted was to be free of fear, anxiety, and frustration. My trilogy,

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Leadership: The Power of Expectation

I was asked “How do you make leadership look so easy?” I was the volunteer coordinator for a conference and the volunteers had done a spectacular job. The secret One of the things I learned long ago is that people live up to...or down to...our expectations. Who among us wants to disappoint...

Desire for Change

The 2016 Presidential election taught us two things: Change does not occur without desire. Change cannot be stopped when desire is strong. Virtually all of the political pundits and many voters were astounded by Donald Trump’s election win, but should any of us have been...

Negotiation: Insights from the presidential debate

During the first presidential debate both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spoke about their negotiating skills. As I was listening to their exchange it reminded me of the one question I would ask all clients who sought my help with negotiations. That question was: Are you looking for the...

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