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I am a supporter of all styles of writing and am an advocate of originality and exploring the avenues of the mind. I have studied English an

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The Dangers of Being an Olympic Athlete

Being selected to represent a country in an Olympic event is one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed on an athlete. Young men and women will train and compete for years in order to prepare themselves for the games. But is pushing their bodies to the ultimate limit just for a chance to...

Where are Student Loans Leading the American Economy?

It is no secret that a college education can lead to a wider variety of job opportunities and a higher pay grade than is available for those who have a high school level education only. The median income of a young adult with a bachelors degree -- as reported by the National Center for...

World Records Within the Olympic Realm

During the summer and winter Olympics, athletes are presented with the opportunity to beat the records of past Olympians and sport idols. Watching these athletes compete with such agility, strength and endurance is astounding. The London 2012 Olympics had 26 world records beaten during the 16...

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