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It was a noble 10-year experiment, but it turns out that the writers with the best content are the least adept at the tech required to publish under our model, which in hindsight, makes perfect sense. If you are dedicating your life to becoming an expert in your specialty, you don’t have a lot of time left for figuring out publishing tech.

It hasn't helped that we have entered an age of unprecedented polarization and antagonism which doesn't foster demand for a website dedicated to the respectful engagement of diverse views.

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Greg Carter
During the past 20 years, I have explored most of the niches offered in the developing digital technology: multimedia developer, website dev

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The James Webb Space Telescope: Rescued by Senate Appropriations Committee

After reports that the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) would not come to fruition, it appears that an appropriations bill may allocate just enough funds to launch the JWST in six or seven years. This will be done by stealing money from other NASA projects. Overruns on the JWST have...

The James Webb Space Telescope: Where did the 8 Billion Dollars Go?

The cost of cancelling the James Webb Space Telescope will be larger than any savings that Congress imagines it will realize. By dragging JWST into the national budget debate, declaring that the telescope is "billions of dollars over budget and plagued by poor management," the appropriations...

Steroids in Sports

The use of steroids in sports has become so common that almost everyone knows athletes are using. As long as there are athletes, there will be those who will do anything to gain a competitive advantage. This constitutes an ongoing public health risk not only for elite athletes, but also high...

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