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Nora G. Hertel currently creates stories for radio and web publications. She recieved a BA from Lawrence University in music & Francophone s

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Report on the Cost of Health Care Raises Widespread Issue, New Questions

When I receive medical bills, I react viscerally. Bills for uncovered visits to a specialist, for an emergency room visit I thought I’d already paid have left me angry and confused. I’m in my late twenties, and facing frustrating medical bills felt like a painful rite into adulthood. ...

Marijuana Legalization Plowing Forward, But Its Future Not Guaranteed

With recreational use of marijuana legal in Colorado and Washington, and little definitive opposition coming from the White House, marijuana advocates and the media discuss the pro-marijuana policy as moving full steam ahead. Rolling Stone , for example, came out with a list of the next...

The Evolving Discourse Around Marijuana Legalization

This article explores the the current debate on marijuana legalization for recreational and medical uses. Media and politicians alike used to shun the possibility of positive uses of the drug, but the discourse and political momentum have turned in favor of legalizing cannabis.

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