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Over a half dozen people told Dale "I want your life." The desire others expressed...a life free of fear, anxiety, and frustration...is the

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Counterintuitive: Ending Complacency

Foremost on the minds of virtually everyone I meet these days is the U.S. presidential race. The fervor in their voices, whether for or against any given candidate, spells one thing...the end of complacency. And that’s a good thing. When times are good we tend to disengage, to allow things to...

Counterintuitive: Failed leadership

I’ve long believed that the role of leadership is to elevate us—to help us become better people as well as more productive. It’s this belief that triggered pangs of disappointment upon hearing the Catholic Church’s leaders suggest that its members disassociate from the Girl Scouts. Intolerance ...

Counterintuitive: Wishing’s downside?

Before I left on vacation, local sportscasters lamented the fact that the St. Louis Cardinals have so many close games. They hoped for the occasional blowout with the Cardinals dominating the action. This despite the fact that the Cardinals have the best record in either league for the 2015 season....

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