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Daniel T Bloom, SPHR, Six Sigma Blac

Daniel T Bloom, SPHR, Six Sigma Blac

Chief Executive Officer of a human resource consulting firm with an emphasis on assisting second level growth companies in finding the resources to utilize their human capital more efficiently and effectively. Triple certified as SPHR, six sigma black belt and certified relocation professional.

Daniel Bloom is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. which was founded in 1980. DBAI is a Largo, Florida based human capital consulting firm serving clients nationwide. Our clients have included the small enterprise and the members of the Fortune 1000 that have sought our expertise int he human capital area.

We have developed a series of one-hour programs suitable for your next monthly meeting or keynote/breakout session at your next conference. The current available programs include:

  • Chaos in the Workplace: Four Mindsets, One Goal: There is a presence in our organizations of a major conflict. It is the presence of four , about to be five, generations actively engaged in the workplace. Each generation has its own way to achieve the priorities of their lives and the organization.The ultimate goal for each generation is for the organization to succeed. They just go about it differently. This presentation will try and put you in the mindset of each generation and how it affects your organization. (Approved for 1.25 HRCI General  Credits (2016)
  • In Plain Sight: Finding and Eliminating Organizational Inefficiency:  Your organization has processes and widgets. Every process will, from time to time, introduce activities that the customer did not ask for. These non-value added activities are right under your nose, you just have to look for them. During this presentation we will explore the nine kinds of wastes that occur in your organization. ( Approved for 1.25 HRCI Business Credits (2016)
  • Big Data and HR : A Fad or the new best thing? Everyone hears about and talks about Big Data.  There are many pros and cons to the use of huge data resources. But the bottom line is why are you using the data. Big Data relies on understanding when while HR needs to know why. We look at both sides of the question and suggest there is a toolbox which will provide you the same evidence as the more complicated Big Data issues. Approved for 1.25 HRCI Business Credits (2016)
  • Who Am I ? The Role of Human Capital Management int he Global Workplace - The role of human capital within our organizations has changed dramatically through time. This presentation walks through that change and helps you understand the new normal as far as the role of human capital within your organizations. Approved for 1.25 HRCI Business Credits (2016)
We also have a 2- day, 14-hour training program titled How to become the critical hr leader you are meant to be,  which prepares the participants to speak the language of business through the use of the six sigma methodology and toolbox. Approved for 14 HRCI Business Credits (2016)
  • Speaking To Groups
    Book Clubs/Signing/Tours
    Panel Moderator
    On-Air Commentator - TV/Web
    On-Air Commentator - Radio

  • $4,500 - $12,000

  • Business / Human Resources

  • Based in Tampa, FL and travels within North America
    Preference is for hotel accommodations in a Marriott or Hilton Brand properties

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