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Matthew Hisrich

Matthew Hisrich

Matthew Hisrich received his MDiv in teaching and theology from the Earlham School of Religion, where he now serves as Director of Recruitment and Admissions. Prior to enrolling in seminary, he worked in the public policy field, authoring numerous studies and articles.

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Matthew Hisrich is a graduate of Hillsdale College in Michigan and the Earlham School of Religion in Indiana, where he serves as Director of Recruitment and Admissions.

He has directed a grant program for the Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quaker), served as a community member of the editorial board at the Richmond Palladium-Item and has worked with non-profit public policy organizations in Ohio, Kansas, and Indiana. His public policy analysis has appeared numerous print and online publications including the Washington Times, the Dayton Daily News, the Wichita Eagle, the Indiana Policy Review, and The Freeman. He lives in Richmond, Indiana, with his wife and two daughters.

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