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Bird Neshama Trungma

Bird Neshama Trungma

Bird Trungma is the founder and teacher of Dharma Yeshiva in New York City., an organization dedicated to infusing the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism with the beauty and warmth of the Judaic-Christian musical tradition and presenting Buddhism within a context of meritocracy in which everyone may shine.

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Bird Neshama Trungma is founder and teacher of Dharma Yeshiva in New York City, an organization dedicated to infusing the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism with the beauty and warmth of the Judaic-Christian musical traditions and presenting those teachings in a manner consistent with Western notions of meritocracy. It is her belief that all students and all human beings, who have Buddha-nature, should have the opportunity to fully manifest that nature and to shine.

Her second area of interest revolves around the Western mental health system, and in particular, around replacing the medical model of mental illness and our physically-based conception of mind with understandings more in line with the Buddhist teachings of egolessness and karma.

Ms. Trungma has taught classes in Meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, and Mental Health and has authored books of poetry, Buddhist teachings and memoirs, as well as numerous essays critiquing the mental health system and exploring some of the paradigms upon which it is based. Her latest works include Four Ghosts in a Mad House, a memoir published by Thinker Books, and A Bell and a Pomegranate, a Poem and a Teaching, a book of spiritual practice poems and teachings.

Ms.Trungma enjoys speaking, teaching, writing, and in general, sharing ideas in any venue where the opportunity is presented. Besides that, her hobbies include listening to good music, singing, creative cooking, and spending time with beautiful, fur animals. to Shut Down Permanently on December 31, 2017

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