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Lucian Green
Lucian Green
Lucian Green studied Computer Science and Philosophy at Melbourne University, Australia and Philosophy Honours at Swinburne University of Technology. He is interested in artificial intelligence, for example how the mind is shaped using computers.


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Professor Algorithm

Feb. 24, 2012 11:03 pm
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The "Professor Algorithm" is different from the "God Algorithm" even though it is an alternative to it because it allows working out the way of thinking (including the verb), not just the object the verb is performed on.

1a. "Find out" an A (agreeing) way of thinking after thinking of a "blue eater that moves in the x direction" (that comes from the most general perspective Darwinism applied to Pedagogy, i.e. one moves in the x direction to eat).

NOT (where the problem is that the following doesn't work)

1b. "Find out" a B (disagreeing) way of thinking after thinking of a "red shield that comes from disagreeing with the space industry", e.g. poking an object into an object.

The symbol for the way of thinking looks like three wavy lines.

2. "Find out" an object(s) to apply the way of thinking to after thinking of the "weird and wild", e.g. given the way of thinking "imagine you as a professor pulling a cotton swab out of a clean dry test tube" think of the object example "place a marker on a step to mark the way".

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