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Dale Furtwengler

Dale Furtwengler

Over a half dozen people told me "I want your life." What they really wanted was to be free of fear, anxiety, and frustration. My books and related programs on confidence and counterintuitive thinking help kids as young as 8 to 10 discover the secrets to a life others' desire.

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Dale Furtwengler helps people free themselves of fear, anxiety and frustration.

In particular, his mission is to help kids as young as 8 to 10 years of age discover the secrets to having others say to them "I want your life." Something that people have been telling Dale for years.

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The secrets are spelled out in Dale's personal awareness trilogy:

  • Lead a Life of CONFIDENCE
  • Stand Out From The Crowd
  • One With The UNIVERSE

From his book, Lead a Life of CONFIDENCE, you'll learn how to be confident even when you have no background or experience with the situation you're facing.

In Stand Out From The Crowd you'll discover how to attract opportunities instead of pursuing them. That's what happens when people say:

  • You look at the world differently than other people do.
  • You don't think like other people do.
  • You see things others don't see.
  • Yet what you say makes perfect sense.

From One With The UNIVERSE, you'll learn that you can tap into the higher power (God, the Universe, or whatever language you prefer) consciously and at will to get the solutions to problems you face. You'll also learn that the negative emotions you're experiencing are really the universe directing you to better alternatives for you.

As an example of what's possible from these books, a CEO Dale coached regularly got job offers for more money, he told Dale stories about his wife and kids that indicated that their relationship, which was already strong, had gotten stronger, plus he gained so much influence with the Elder Board in his church that they invited him to become the congregation's administrative pastor.

You and your children can experience this kind of success in all aspects of your life...and create for yourselves a life others' desire.

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