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Angie Dortch

Angie Dortch

Angie was awarded an MFA in 1992 and taught Acting and worked professionally until 2004. She was comatose after a car wreck in 2004 and as a direct result of experiences during and after developed projects found on her website

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When Angie Dortch was brought in to the ER at the University of Louisville Level I Trauma Center, her only identification was from a visitor’s sticker on her shirt which included the school’s name where she had been volunteering moments before the wreck. Her purse along with its contents, which included a driver’s license and insurance card, whipped to the rear of her car upon impact and so she was admitted as Jane Doe pending identification by family. Assessed as a 3 out of a possible 15 on the Glasgow coma scale, she would remain in a comatose state for ten days through 12 surgeries and 2 battles with pneumonia. The years that accompanied her miraculous recovery and rehabilitation were filled with grief and gratitude. Grief for the life that she lost one cold, rainy October morning when she was in a head-on collision with a semi-truck, and gratitude for the re-birth she found one warm, sunny, spring day in the frolicking leaves of a yellow, bearded iris. Emerging: From Coma to Presence is her story of perseverance and faith depicted in original artwork and essay. Power point capabilities enable Angie to make her exhibit portable and available for presentations throughout the southeast.

Angie was awarded an MFA from the University of Louisville in 1992. She is the Assistant Director and movement specialist for The Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival at St. Paul United Methodist Church, a wife of 27 years and the mother of two.

In the Louisville area she has freelanced in front of the camera and microphone for Wendy's, Thomas Industries, G.E., KFC, WAVE Television Productions and Radio Joe. As a performer, director and choreographer she has worked with Music Theatre of Louisville, Derby Dinner Playhouse, Kentucky Country Day School, Oldham County School System, and Horse Cave Theatre. She taught part-time the University of Louisville for ten years.

Angie is the author of two children’s plays, a contemporary one-act, and an art booklet titled Emerging: from Coma to Presence. She is a songwriter and occasional contributor to the New Psalms Project. Learning H.O.W. to Age is a wellness program she developed aimed at strengthening the subtle aspects of a person’s health: mental flexibility, physical perception and sensory awareness. Improvisation, meditation and movement exercises are offered to the recently retired and older populations. The blog for this program is public and can be found at through her website www. to Shut Down Permanently on December 31, 2017

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