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Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.
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Book Cover Artist Wanted: No Robots!

May 4, 2017 4:14 am
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No Robots!

The world is changing rapidly. The middle classes are becoming extinct and the working class is being overtopped by robots. In areas such as law, medical diagnostics and even teaching great Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthroughs are being made. As our hospitals, schools and universities fall foul of corporate management creep, the moving target obsessed managerial classes will move from the current human resources (HR) de-professionalisation philosophy to replace humans altogether with AI interplaying with high quality recorded and licenced human content. The digitized, debt free, pocket university education looms over the horizon.

Donald Trump's regression to dirty coal, filthy oil and similar promises of silly wall building projects is symptomatic of this change across the entire employment sector. He can no longer hold back the tide of change than King Canute's delusional orders could stop the inevitable tide from coming in. Those who voted for Trump failed to see that. They are already the walking dead of the zombie horde. Like those apocryphal zombies of modern entertainment culture, they just don't know it.

Change brings new opportunities. Those able to adapt to perceive and then exploit the opportunities presented by new technology will more likely thrive. New technology allows us to cut out the middleman and choose ourselves to take control of our intellectual content and reap more of the rewards of our original endeavours.

My eldest daughter, Holly Sutton, has done this. Thanks to the technology of the Communications Age, and new business developments in providing office space in the heart of London, she founded and is the CEO of Journalista- a highly successful ethical PR agency with a number of high profile clients. Her younger brother, my son, Joe, has very neatly exploited the decline of the UK apple industry, which was driven by corporate supermarket creep of self-fulfilling supply and demand for uniformity in look and size of fruit. He is founder and CEO of Joe Sutton Motors, which operates from an historic apple farm in the heart of Kent in England. The farm profits from the rent he pays them and so still grows English apples with all their characteristically blemished individual charm. He uses the Internet to buy and sell used motor vehicles from a very large barn on the farm. Exploiting the niche provided by cultural change he can compete with monolithic old-style motor dealers still wedded to the notion of walk-in customers to their expensive shiny showrooms pondering their over-priced 'deals'.

I'm proud that my children can adapt to change, perceive opportunities and capitalize upon them effectively. Their sister, my youngest daughter Eleena, is only 8 years old, but she is studying us all, and the rest of the world.

For my own part, I'm currently working on the second edition of my book 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's Greatest Secret'. This will be an updated and abridged paperback,.Create Space, print to order, version of the larger 600 page-e-book published by ThinkerMedia of Best Thinking. The orignal e-book will remain for sale to those requiring the extra and orignal data on Darwin's and Wallace's plagiarizing science fraud. I think the best place for 600 pages is in an e-book. That's better for the environment. And since so many people prefer to hold a paper book, print to order is a better option than printing and storing large numbers of smaller books in advance.

I have some ideas of what I would like for a front cover of my book, but it pays to know one's limitations. I need an expert artist who won't charge the Earth to design the front cover, spine and back cover for me.

Here is an area where artificial intelligence immigrants are unlikely to take human jobs. Robots need not apply, well at least not for now anyway. Any offers, ideas or advice greatly appreciated via the comments section.


Mike Sutton and ThinkerMediaUsed only with express written permission

Some loose ideas for a cover design for the second edition of Nullius

Clearly, I need an expert book cover artist. I'm prepared to pay and to promote their work. There are many such artists advertising online. I've not yet found one that appeals to me. But I will. I am looking for that opportunity.


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Now for something completely different

On which note, all opportunities have to be perceived. Opportunities don't create themselves, unlike atoms forming molecules in a state of nature. Our opportunities are dependent on our own perceptions and our own intelligence. Capitalising upon them is another issue dependent upon our willingness to try.


i found someone to make the book cover and the book is now available in paperback on Amazon: Here


(c) Mike Sutton and Andy Sutton of the Vae Victus groupUsed only with express written permission

Nullius in Verba: darwin's greatest secret. Second edition.

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