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Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.

Fake News, Post-Truth, Alternative Facts and the Royal Society

Feb. 4, 2017 4:12 am

Real facts newly uncovered with Big Data analysis: Here

The Digital Age has not only proliferated the dissemination of bogus news and other falsehoods, used properly it allows anyone to follow the data and find, verify and then reveal truth that has been hidden for centuries.

Until respected scientists, other scholars and our most esteemed institutions of science admit the truth and put their own houses in order what chance does the world have in tackling the dangerously misleading falsehoods of dishonest politicians and other credulous charlatans?

For example:


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Barking Mad Anti Vaxer Conspiracy Theorist

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Trump's Illegal policies overturned. His appeal also failed.

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