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Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.


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Dr Jon van Wyhe resigns following publication of article proving Darwin's lies

Apr. 21, 2016 4:09 am


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Patrick Matthew is a proven influencer of naturalists on natural selection, who influenced Darwin and Wallace on the topic, before Darwin replicated his original ideas and then lied when he claimed Matthew's ideas were not read before he did so.

Trashing my peer reviewed and science journal published research and scholarship by effectively denying the existence of Darwin's and Wallace's independent discovery paradigm changing newly discovered facts that are 100 per cent proven to exist - because they are in print in the newly discovered literature that Darwinist experts failed to find - Dr John van Wyhe's totally unevidenced (and therefore pseudo scholarly) accusations were reported in the Scottish press on May 17th::

'Dr John van Wyhe, a senior lecturer at the Department of Biological Sciences, at the National University of Singapore, said the recent claims by Dr Mike Sutton of Nottingham Trent University were “so silly” and “based on such forced and contorted imitations of historical method that no qualified historian could take it seriously.'

In his full written statement to the Scottish press - supplied to me for comment by Michael Alexander - Dr van Wyhe wrote for public consumption the following statement about my peer reviewed scholarship, effectively engaging in fact denial:

'Dr Sutton's allegations about a purported influence of Matthew on Darwin and Wallace are not new.

This conspiracy theory is so silly and based on such forced and contorted imitations of historical method that no qualified historian could take it seriously.'

Why would van Wyhe deny the existence of 100 per cent proven, independently verifiable, newly discovered facts? Why write such a thing for public consumption? Is he "insanely jealous" or "wilfully ignorant"? What on Earth is the reason? Why deny the existence of 100 per cent proven newly discovered facts?

I was informed by confidential reliable inside sources in an email yesterday that possible “Darwin Industry” political concerns about Dr John van Wyhe’s role on the Expert Advisory Board of the philosophy of science journal that published my peer-reviewed article on Charles Darwin’s proven serial lying about the pre-1858 readership of Patrick Matthew’s original ideas on natural selection, are only possibly behind his recent resignation from the journal.

The peer reviewed article in question is here:

So for the record, the public facts of the matter are these

The 100 per cent proven facts in my peer reviewed paper, are published in the Polish philosophy of science journal Filozoficzne Aspekty Genezy, Philosophical Aspects of Origin. Moreover, the esteemed Darwinist Senior Lecturer on the history of science, Dr John van Wyhe, who has been an active member of the Polish science journal's expert advisory board since at least 2014, was on the journal’s board before, at the time this paper was submitted, during its peer review process, and also immediately after it was published. Soon after publication, for some reason unknown to me, Dr van Wyhe resigned that position.


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Press statement On Knowledge Contamination

In light of the “New Facts”, these are rather oxymoronic times to be an "objective" Darwin-career scholar.


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History will not be kind to biased career-scholar Darwinists

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