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Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.
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Cycligans: An emerging green-collar offender

Dec. 15, 2015 3:47 am




Cycligans are anti-social and recklessly violent green-collar criminals

As national anti-global warming policies move towards reducing car travel, in the UK our political leaders seek to lead by example by riding bicycles to and from work. Prime minister David Cameron has had many a staged photo-shoot on his bike- as have many other ministers and politicians including Boris Johnson the Mayor of London.

The trouble is that our roads in the UK are congested with fast cars and furious impatient drivers, with juggernauts with their long bicycle swiping blind-sides and a dearth of cycle lanes. Consequently, an increasing army of lycra-clad grown men and women have taken to our pavements (sidewalks to our American cousins) - and despite the fact it is illegal for adults to cycle on them - the Government "Minister for Cycling", no less, has issued our police with advice that the law is not meant to be applied to those who ride bicycles responsibly on pavement out of fear of the roads. The minister is obviously keen to save the lives of cyclists. But why not simply state that they must dismount and push their machines when on the pavement? Has he done his research into the de-facto anti-social behaviour and lethal menace of cycligans?

Are pedestrians lives of less worth than those of pavement-hogging lycra louts?

With a growing number of injuries, and even deaths, arising from cyclists colliding with pedestrians on pedestrian pavements, Britain might yet need a Ministry of Silly Walks to train pedestrians how to walk in such a way that they will automatically kick any oncoming selfish dufus-brained aggressive cyclists in the face. And money is waiting to be made by the first to design the pedestrian protecting back-side rear and side-impact airbag.


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John Cleese: Monty Python Comedy Sketch

In all seriousness, the problem is that no police officer can monitor what a bicycle pedaling pavement hog is doing from one minute to the next. The bicycle hooligans who ride their machines with unswerving selfishness - fast or slow - at pedestrians - both head on or behind - are hiding in plain sight - concealed by all of those with more consideration and courtesy.

Deaths and serious injuries are resulting as more and more pedestrians are struck by bicycles ridden by adults on pavements.

These sidewalk cycling hooligans - "cycligans" says I - are an increasing danger to all of us - especially children and the elderly.

As more nations become environmentally aware and encourage cycling, the death and injury toll arising from pedestrians being struck by bicyclists riding on pedestrian pavements will increase.

This is a Community Safety Issue.

Our pavement sidewalks should be safe havens for pedestrians of all ages. Pedestrians should not be terrorised by cyclists who are too frightened to ride their machines where they belong - on the roads. The age of the horse has gone. Pavements are not suitable for horses and neither are modern roads. perhaps we need to admit that the age of the bike has passed also? Or perhaps we are on the dawn of the ending of the age of the pedestrian? Will it be a case of survival of the fittest?

Remember it takes more resources and creates more pollution to make a bike then a pair of shoes.

Here are just a few news stories of cycligans injuring and killing pedestrians in the UK and USA

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