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Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.
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Glory Theft

Dec. 7, 2015 4:55 pm
Categories: Counterknowledge
Keywords: Glory theft

Of all crimes the worst

Is to steal the glory

From the great and brave,

Even more accursed

Than to rob the grave.

From 'Kitty Hawk' by Robert Frost (1953)

Three cases of Glory Theft

  1. Charles Darwin lied to steal Patrick Matthew's right to be considered an immortal great thinker and influencer in science. Here
  2. Diego Maradona cheated to score the winning goal in the Argentina v England 1986 World cup quarter final with his hand . Here
  3. Lance Armstong doped himslef to cheat seven 'clean' cyclists out of a Tour de France title. Here.

What a heinous shameful crime to steal by fraud the right of another to be considered worthy of immortal greatness in order to pretend it is your own.

Such injustice resonates down the ages.

Beyond the governance of official bodies, the seriousness of glory theft surely warrants attention from the criminal justice system.

I think that fraudulent glory thieves should, if alive, be prosecuted for criminal fraud. After all, they have obtained considerable pecuniary advantage by fraudulently robbing the immortal glory of others. Top league professional sport is multi-million dollar business. Why then is cheating at professional sports not a sub-type of white collar crime, in the same way that fabricating results in science is treated as such?

Why, in academia, are fraudulent claims to originality, particularly where the replicator writes lies about the influence of the originator, not treated as fraud and duly investigated by the criminal justice system, in the same way that other frauds are investigated? is theft of a victim's irreplaceable immortal glory not more serious than the direct theft of money or property?

I wonder, what other cases of fraudulent 'glory theft' exist?

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