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Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.
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On the Conditions, Mindset and Method that Made My Original Discoveries Possible

Jul. 17, 2015 9:36 am

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Nullius in Verba

A year has passed since Thinker Books published my book Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret. Over these past 12 months I have trumpeted from the rooftops the fact that the book contains my original myth-busting discoveries about the veracious history of the discovery of natural selection.

A paper was presented at an academic conference and then published in a peer reviewed journal (Sutton 2104). Talks were given and discussions held at grass roots skeptics meetings (Sutton, 2014a; 2014b and 2015), articles have appeared in national newspapers (Scottish Daily Mail 2014, and The Daily Telegraph 2014). I have engaged in private personal correspondence with a number of senior academics in the field, and I and Bob Butler (CEO of Thinker Books and Thinker Media) tackled head-on the scurrilous dishonest behavior of others who sought, self-servingly, to misrepresent what has been discovered and impugn the scholar behind it (e.g. here and here).

I am honored that my original discovery of Darwin's plagiarizing science fraud, presented before the London Ethical Society, was chosen to be a historic Sunday Lecture at Conway Hall.

Nullius has, to date, received six 5-star reviews on Amazon. And my University has publicly supported my conclusions.

Perhaps, for me, the most gratifying response so far to the discovery of the New Data was the completion of the oils on canvas, allegorical analogy, painting "Immaculate Deception: AKA The Blessed Virgin Darwin" of Darwin's and Wallace's supposedly independent conception of Matthew's prior published theory, by the Nottingham based artist Gabriel Woods.

Having ensured that I have shared my original discoveries with the world, in order to fulfill my moral obligation as a social scientist to bust myths and fallacies and disseminate veracity, I am now entering the second-stage of my campaign on this particular topic.

Over the next three years I will be engaging far less on social media, and here on Best Thinking to disseminate the New Data. Instead, i will be submitting a number of scholarly papers to academic journals in the fields of sociology and criminology, among others, on the subject of science fraud and also on the rules and conventions of priority in scientific discovery, revisited in light of the New Data presented in Nullius.

I also have a book in progress on Robert Chambers of Edinburgh - a character at the center of Nullius.

I will post occasionally to keep readers updated about my progress.


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Immaculate Deception - Oil on Canvas by Gabriel Woods (2015)

My Website provides links to all the materials I have written in the past year on the topic.

To date, the blurb page about my book, here on BestThinking, has received over 4,000 unique and individual hits.

I would like to thank personally everyone who has taken the time to read it and to read my numerous blogs and articles on the topic. If you bought my book - thank you for the money, but most of all thank you for taking the trouble to change the universe by doing doing so.

If you ever get the chance dear reader, if you care at all that we should not demean ourselves by deifying charlatans, liars and and fraudsters - such as Charles Darwin - then please don't hesitate to share the new, independently verifiable, hard data with others.

I was asked the other day by one of my past doctoral students - who is now a thriving professional academic:

"How did you do it? Why did you make these original discoveries in a field in which you are not an expert? Why not an expert Darwin scholar?"

I answered him as best as I could. What follows is my considered answer. I mean it with some benevolence as I write here that I hope it serves well as a lesson to all the Darwinists who have so far, by dint of laughable, pseudo-scholarly, willful ignorance, sought to deny that anything new has been discovered - or else sought to underplay the importance of the New Data in re-writing the history of what is arguably the most important scientific discovery of all time.

Why was the New Data detected in 2014 by a social scientist and not an expert Darwinist biologist?

For 155 years, following the publication of Darwin's (1859) Origin of Species, until Sutton's(2014) Nullius in Verba, Darwinists were unobservant of the damning evidence in the literature. They had seen only what they were taught to expect about their deified namesake. The totally unexpected evidence, that they are named for a plagiarizing science fraudster, evaded them like an optical illusion.

One needs to retain the unblinking observancy of a curious child, whilst exercising an open mind. To succeed, it is necessary to create a physical, social and personally cognitive research environment in which things can happen and where significant new data can be searched for, detected, followed-up with intuitive instinct and appreciated. In such an environment, it is important to know and fully exploit the potential of the tools that facilitate your research and to use them in search for the unusual.

You should be inspired, tenaciously powered and moderated by the joyful application of your diligent and acute, unbiased, curiosity and observation skills.

In the words of Alexander Fleming (1959), in order to first make game changing discoveries, one should:

'Work hard, work well, do not clutter up the mind too much with precedents, and be prepared to accept such good fortune as the gods offer...'

If it happens that you find something big, to intuitively appreciate the 'bombshell' significance of your newly discovered hard facts is, at the very outset at least, an altogether more subjective matter. I don't think such appreciation is something that can be taught to everyone. One, essentially, needs the gift of an eye to notice and a mind to grasp what it means.

To argue for and disseminate the significance of your discovery, in the face of an entrenched, powerful, hostile, and self-interested 'expert' 'majority view', requires personal and intellectual mettle and sense of moral integrity for promoting fact-led progress that is too often lacking in the world.

For the social scientist, indeed, for any scientist, it is a moral duty to reveal myths and fallacies and to share as widely as possible the newly discovered facts that disconfirm them.

I know exactly what I have uniquely discovered with my carefully planned and executed research design and innovative ID research method. Therefore, I know its originality and great importance in the history of scientific discovery.

The New Data of Wallace's sly correspondence record tampering dishonesty and Darwin's 100 per cent proven audacious self-serving lies, when added to the newly discovered fact that highly influential naturalists, who Darwin and Wallace knew, read and then cited Matthew's (1831) book before Darwin and Wallace replicated the bombshell ideas in it - followed by their own fallacious defence that before 1860 no naturalist had read those prior-published ideas - re-writes, significantly, the history of the discovery of natural selection.

Macro evolution by natural selection is, arguably, the most important scientific discovery of all time. The great importance of this theory underpins the significance of the New Data for veracious scientific progress in our knowledge of how such great scientific discoveries are made.

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