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Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.


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The Patrick Matthew Supermyth: An introduction to the concept

May 1, 2015 4:33 am

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Patrick Matthew: The Biological Father of the Theory of Natural Selection

The Patrick Matthew Supermyth

A supermyth is a myth about a myth, where the second myth is created in an apparent atmosphere of concern to veraciously bust the first myth. What makes supermyths so powerful is that they appear all the more plausible because they are stories about why the first myth came into being and how it was bust.

The discovery of the phenomenon of the Supermyth was first published on the Best Thinking website. The Spinach Popeye Iron Decimal Error Point Error Myth (SPIDES) was fully bust in two articles The first here and the second here.

Supermyths have very specific components:

1. The creation of a fallacy, myth or error by an orthodox expert.

2. Being used by another expert who in turn promotes it as being ‘true, and whilst still thinking that it is true either promotes it as a good example of the need to be healthily skeptical of bad scholarship, or else:

3. compounds the myth by using it as a premise upon which to build one or more supporting myths.

The Patrick Matthew Supermyth was created by faux-skeptical Darwinists and other equally credulous members of the scientific community who neglected to apply the scientific principle of nullius in verba to Darwin's and Wallace's incredible claims to have independently discovered natural selection with no prior knowledge of Matthew's prominent publication of it 27 years earlier.

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The Spin@ge Supermyth is bust

The myth is a supermyth because Darwinists, using natural selection as a mythbusting device for the myth that a God created all species of plants and animals, created the secondary myth that Darwin first discovered the natural process of selection, and that he was first to use artificial selection as an explanatory analogy for the process of natural selection. In fact, Matthew was first to do both.

The myth of Darwin's and Wallace's supposed exclusive duel 'independent' discoveries of Matthew's prior published discovery of the 'natural process of selection' was bust when it was 100% proven (Sutton 2014) that, contrary to the myth started by Darwin in 1860 and 1861, other naturalists known to Darwin and Wallace - who in fact played key roles in influencing and facilitating their pre-1858 work on natural selection - had read and cited Matthew's (1831) book in the literature. That book - On Naval Timber and Arboriculture - is widely acknowledged to contain the full theory of natural selection (see my RationalWiki essay). The mythbust is best explained to skeptical Darwinists by way of analogy. The Darwin and Wallace Duel Miraculous Immaculate Conception Analogy can be read on {Here}.


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Miracle Double Immaculate Conceptions of the Blessed Virgins Darwin and Wallace of Matthew's prior published hypothesis of natural selection

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