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Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.
Jun. 28, 2014 11:32 am
Like so many others, the Major General Benjamin E. Butler “ Coined Contraband Myth " is long busted. But most embarrassingly it lives on in the latest published literature. Weirdly, even in the 21st century, many people, academic scholars included, suffer under the credulous delusion that something in a book, or in a peer reviewed article, must be true by virtue of it being in print. Such...  Read More
Jun. 18, 2014 9:32 am
NEWS Uniquely published by BestThinking in 2014, the 'big data' discovery of Darwin's and Wallace's great science fraud ( Sutton 2014 ) is one genie that, now out, will not go back inside the bottle. In addition to earlier Scottish Daily Mail and recent Daily Telegraph national newspaper coverage , (see also here ) my employer Nottingham Trent...  Read More
Jun. 15, 2014 7:17 pm
Third Postscript (1st October 2014) A new blog post on this specific topic, which builds on research I conducted on 29th September 2014 can be found by clicking here Second Postscript (29 September 2014). Asteroid Etymology: Storm in a Chamomile Teacup In light of the number of pre-1801 publications - newly re-discovered to date (currently all are botanical) with big data ID research...  Read More
Jun. 9, 2014 4:31 am
In a recent blog post I wrote about my on-going dental saga and the evolution of the human overbite. At my last bank-account haemorrhaging foray to my dentist I was told that besides my overbite there was clear evidence that damage to the roots of my front teeth had been caused by extensive historical trauma. I begged to differ as I could remember no such event. Then I remembered my teenage...  Read More
Jun. 6, 2014 4:11 pm
Thanks to the technology that facilitated the “Big Data” analysis of 30 million books, it is newly discovered that Patrick Matthew can be the only independent discoverer of natural selection (see Sutton 2014 for just some of the shocking new details that now present a momentous problem for Darwinists if they wish to defend their namesake against science fraud). I was congratulated yesterday...  Read More
Jun. 1, 2014 9:49 am
Professional Responses to the Discovery that Matthew did Influence Darwin and Wallace In the UK, some weeks after the Scottish Daily Mail reported on the presentation of my Bombshell News of Darwin's and Wallace's great science fraud at the Edinburgh Skeptics in the Pub event on the Fringe of the Edinburgh International Science Festival , The Daily Telegraph exposed the 2014 discovery of...  Read More
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