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Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Dr Mike Sutton is the author of 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'.
Apr. 19, 2014 8:08 am
On William James – W.J. – ‘Jim’ Dempster: Pioneer Surgeon, World Leading Research Scientist and Genuinely Great Skeptical Scientific Scholar on the Origin of Darwin’s Origin of Species . With the hi-tech discovery in 2014 of a wealth of new data, Jim Dempster's ground-breaking work is taken further in my book to argue two things (1) Patrick Matthew can now be the only independent...  Read More
Apr. 16, 2014 8:43 am
In his book, (Bowler 2013) Darwin Deleted: Imagining a World without Darwin , Professor Bowler – Professor emeritus of the history of science at Queens University Belfast - creates a counterfactual history of how things might have turned out had Darwin died aboard the Beagle and never written about natural selection. His book is well written and entertaining, once you get beyond the necessarily...  Read More
Apr. 13, 2014 5:38 pm
Darwin’s cat is well and truly out of the bag. On Friday the 11 th April a national newspaper, the Scottish Daily Mail, ran the following story on a body of research that has been unfolding here on Best Thinking from the start of 2014. Caven (2014, p.21): Did Darwin copy ideas for Origin of Species? ‘For centuries he has been credited with laying the foundations...  Read More
Apr. 13, 2014 4:02 pm
I learned something interesting today, when your mobile phone’s camera's rolling shutter just happens to be operating at the same speed as the thing it films the following picture weirdness happens. I took the picture below on a flight from Edinburgh to Nottingham on Friday last week and was surprised at what happened The effect is somewhat artistic. F or a good demonstration of this...  Read More
Apr. 6, 2014 2:18 pm
1. Daniel C. Dennett (1996) : ‘…the single best idea anyone has ever had, I’d give it to Darwin, ahead of Newton and Einstein and everyone else. In a single stroke, the idea of evolution by natural selection unifies the realm of life, meaning, and purpose with the realm of space and time, cause and effect, mechanism and physical law. ’ BUT: 2. We know it is not Darwin’s original idea. Matthew...  Read More
Apr. 5, 2014 7:57 am
The power of the amazing research facility of the internet, Google's massive library project and search tools, blog sites, websites and twitter allows us to make important new discoveries from a grass roots level and to share and debate their importance with international and local audiences. My peer-to-peer blogging and published papers on Best Thinking has paid off. Following public engagement...  Read More
Apr. 1, 2014 7:16 am
According to my dentist, over the past year I have been excessively grinding my teeth more than usual. I know what the cause is, it’s that darn Darwin’s science fraud. The problem is that I have spent the last 12 months or so sitting for hours on end, day in and day out, concentrating so hard on my research that I've been wearing my teeth out with my formidable overbite. Humans are not supposed...  Read More
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