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Zeta Angelich

Zeta Angelich

Director of Marketing, Micro-Bac International, Inc., Round Rock, Texas; Adjunct Professor St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas

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CEO of 1st Crush Group Communications

Studying viticulture at Texas Tech University, 2 year certification

Communications and event specialist with core skills in all aspects of public relations, marketing, event planning, music and venue planning. From media relations to communications, technology marketing, public affairs, social media and special events.

1st CG provides strategies, consultation, and services in PR, marketing, and branding. Plan music events for vineyards or wineries from finding live music to the production and scheduling.

I continue to work in the environmental industry, high tech/biotechnology world, and the petroleum industry in PR, Marketing, and Communications needs on environmental issues, sustainability, biotechnology and oil.

And as noted, I am studying and involved in the Texas Wine & Grape industry. We are growing at an incredible pace and producing some great wines.

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