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Roger P Worthington

Roger P Worthington

Medical educator and policy consultant based in London (UK). PhD from State University of New York at Buffalo (Philosophy). Adjunct faculty at Yale University School of Medicine until 2015. Research interests: medical ethics, professionalism and global health policy (with a special focus on India).

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Dr Roger Worthington

Independent researcher and adviser on medical ethics, professionalism, and global health policy. Based in London, UK. Formerly: adjunct faculty at Yale University, School of Medicine Medicine (USA); consultant on workforce development at Ministry of Health, New Zealand; consultant on standards and ethics at General Medical Council (UK); Healthcare law and ethics lead, Keele University School of Medicine, UK. Last book: Practical Professionalism in Medicine: A global case-based workbook (co-author, Prof R. Hays) Radcliffe Publishing, 2013. Special interest in classical Indian philosophy and culture; books and article include The Hidden Self (Himalayan International Press (reprinted 2016). to Shut Down Permanently on December 31, 2017

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