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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
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Carly Fiorina, Sexual abuse, Sexual harassment, and Ring of Gyges

Nov. 30, 2017 12:46 am
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Carly Fiorina was interviewed on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace on 11/26/2018. Wallace asked Carly about what it would take to change the culture prevalent in the boardroom, the schools and in Government, particularly Washington, DC. Ms. Fiorina answered: ‘It will take decent/good men to disassociate themselves with those men which abuse and harass women.’ This writer was a supporter of Carly Fiorina – initially (We think she is quite a smart and remarkable lady - and she is quite lady-like; although she faded in the campaign; likely because she is too unknown and too rational for the bulk of Americans…) – and normally find her responses to be most incisive; we thought her response to Wallace appeared to be thoughtful, but that it avoided the real issue.

While Mrs. Fiorina’s response may seem as if it would ameliorate societal the conditions which lead to claims of sexual abuse and sexual activity, they would more likely only lead to wars-of-attrition among the unprincipled (amoral/immoral) sentimentally ordered individuals - of both genders (ugh? I guess we should state: "whether one has the reproductive organs of a male, or a female" given the acceptance insanity vis-à-vis LGBTQ groups) eliminating competition from their sundry career and social endeavors...

Carly (Mrs. Fiorina) did not address a ubiquitous evident cultural contradiction, viz: the University - and the social-sciences - hold that all reality is reducible to matter; thus "right and wrong," "good and evil," free-will, natural law, the human soul, God, human-nature (note: the concept of "human" is a social-construct, an ephemeral placeholder in a continuum of evolutionary development...); the same for all such non-analytical terms (metaphysical terms which connote how humans should conduct themselves) by which, and through which, previous generations ordered (constrained/limited) their relations... It is because the view-of-the-University - which it has accepted from the modern "philosopher," and the social sciences - which has lead American Jurisprudence to strike-down, and abolished - as un-Constitutional - any statute which the Nation's Congressional progenitors had enacted to promote wholesome culture and to discourage (through various punishments) sexual transgressions of the natural and positive law.

Note: we are opposed to, and do not celebrate, sexual abuse, sexual harassment or any of perverse human actions discusses within, or any of the actions of the men standing accused before the public today; we are interested in how the people of this culture (those which celebrate this culture and its multicultural values i.e., values which hold only objective moral principles to be viscerally objectionable) which has tacitly – and even explicitly – fomented and promoted such behaviors can now demonstrate such moral outrage (they don their masks of moral concern) at 'reaping the seeds which this culture has so approvingly has sown?' Note that the only reasonable ground for such outrage is by referencing perennial truths – which include objective/universal principles - which are systematically rejected by the avant guarde social-political Leftist...

So what is the contradiction?

On the one hand - the biological entity, referred to as humans, are befuddled and deluded (rational thought, and free-will are illusions) entities of stimulus-and-response, thus totally incapable of sexual abuse, sexual harassment or unnatural behaviors, since "nature" is a social construct, their actions are only examples of biology in abeyance to the second law of thermodynamics i.e., a sexually charged biological entity (human) seeking the state of equilibrium i.e., sexual release... So it is unfair to hold the sexual-predator accountable; whether it is former President Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, John Conyers or any others, they are only acting upon an ineluctable force of nature. Punishing such men is particularly disturbing when one observes that nearly all men may be analogized to alcoholics (shockingly, men are wired to love/desire women...) and women as "drink" i.e., alcohol... And this culture teaches young girls (watch a Victoria's Secret advertisement) lessons about how to attract men i.e., behave as a dog-in-heat and dress as a hooker... Making an alcoholic beverage more appealing to an alcoholic does not promote sobriety... Add to the cultural mix Hugh Hefner's wares (soft-pornography), and the more explicit filth which may ubiquitously garner - now via the internet, and it is a wonder that men can control themselves at all... But, few of us want to take the culture back before Alfred Kinsey - the much celebrated perverted sociologist and his perverse pedophiliac research - launched the sexual revolution in the 1950's; one would have hoped that Carly Fiorina had made such a suggestion... Once upon a time, men were reared to respect women, and women were taught to behave as ladies. This culture wants men to limit themselves morally in absence an available institution to teach such moral limitation; Churches are out of that business. Women/girls too – generally (although there are some extant traditional families) - are without a means of acquiring even the knowledge of what is virtue, let alone being cudgeled to self-possession (self-possession is the condition whereby human appetites are morally limited)…

As with sexuality (i.e., that the social-scientist rejects natural behavior) so too with other ant-social behaviors e.g., murder; murderers - even mass murderers are victims of forces which animate their being, forces which may be re-directed, but not forces to be completely stymied. Such an understanding of reality has provided the perverse among us something like the "ring of Gyges1" i.e., the culture has assimilated a view-of-the-world which justifies injustice and perversity (not simply sexual abuse and harassment, but by reducing a human to matter2 one may do - if one wields power - with any material being what one wants to do, with impunity), particularly when such injustices are practiced by social-political Leftists... Just as the wearer of the Gyges ring may be celebrated - gain fame and fortune - performing so many wicked deeds veiled by the ring; the heinous and the perverse today are often publically feted because the worldview, by which they are judged, has blinded the population to debauched human wickedness.

1 From book 2 (chapter2 ) of Plato's The Republic: Glaucon explains that those which practice justice do so because of weakness, only practicing justice for lack of strength and fear of reprisal, but he argues injustice is preferred if one may act with impunity. The ring-of-Gyges allows one to disappear when the collet of the band is turned inward, thus allowing one to steal, murder, rape and molest - with impunity - whomsoever one desires; thus one may act unjustly with impunity...

2 Matter-energy composed to have physically measurable ordering whereby, the entity possesses a length, a depth, and a width, or the entity/thing may be quantifiably measured; to argue humans are reducible to matter is deny humans have souls and further denies anything like inalienable Rights. This is what the Democrat Party means when they claim they are the Party of science; this is why the Democratic Party is so virulently pro-abortion and will use Government to coerce anyone to realize their godless agendas.

On the other hand – In diametric opposition to the modern philosophical/scientific understanding of humans – stands the worldview (Christendom) of the Founding Fathers and their progenitors which witnessed the ascendancy of Western culture - as it is, the Founders took-for-granted their worldview. The Founder’s view assumed Nature, and wouldn’t know what to make of those that question – or repudiate - that there is a nature-order. The Founders understood nature as ordered by a transcendent intelligence (i.e., God), and thus human-nature (i.e., rational i.e., moral beings) was to be ordered in imitation of God’s Son Jesus Christ – who was/is Reason; thus humans (rational creatures) can discern what limits are appropriate (whether those limits are discerned via reason and the natural law, or accepted from Holy Writ) for creatures/beings such as we are. Upon such an understanding a human – seeking virtue - would will themselves to conform to such moral imperatives discerned as the end (purpose), or goal to which a human faculty, or a power, is to be ordered or directed. Now if existence is ordained by Nature's God, who has ordained the Laws of Nature (i.e., the natural law), and human actions are teleologically ordained i.e., purposefully ordered to accord with the natural law (formal-causes are perfected i.e., fulfilled, in their final-causes i.e., a things nature points at what a thing is for), then the 'if it feels good, do it' sexual social-agenda of social-political Left, is the systematic promotion of moral perversity (i.e., the advance of various types of sexual perversity as alternative behaviors, predicated upon a "science" whose vision is systematically occluded by an ideology- see Humanist Manifesto 1, or 2) and the evisceration of the Republic though the malefic worldview which gained ascendancy in the University in the 20th Century; and from that amoral/immoral worldview many evils arise to include rampant sexual abuse and sexual harassment…

Leave it the Beaver - an often ridiculed television show (ran from 1957 – 1963) – was said by avant guarde critics to be unrealistic. It seems - to this writer - that Beaver was much likely to promote healthful social structures, and was not that far removed from the reality of the organic family structure of its day – of the 1950’s and early 60’s… If the perverse family structures - promoted by the entertainment folk today e.g., Married with Children (1987-1997; although a show over 10 years off the air, it still reflected nihilistic hedonism and promoted the objectification of women; ditto 2 and ½ Men) – are realistic today, it is because the culture has changed to reflect the University which has downloaded its view-of-the-world into the souls of the citizenry, and one of its avenues includes the entertainment industry…

It strikes one that if those which indicate that they find all of the sexual abuse allegations morally despicable and truly disgusting are not merely wearing facades for public consumption, then they would look beyond these narrow actions to the broader culture of permissiveness and to the irrational materialistic weltanschauung which circumscribes and promotes ubiquitous moral decay – decay which include lots and lots of celebration of ribald sexuality. And from that disgust they would - through a concerted and prolonged effort - work to attempt to turn back the clock (to a time before Kinsey, Hefner and the sexual revolution) to when men generally behaved as gentlemen and women behaved like ladies… That is to say, to return the United States – and Western Culture – to a culture ordered in an approximation of a moral society…

Thomas J. Donegan

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