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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
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If the Church wants the Church/pews to be full, the Church must demonstrate belief

Nov. 13, 2017 10:32 pm
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Saturday last (11Dec2017) we walked in a minute or two late for the local Catholic Men's Group; our ears were greeted with a couple of members discussing the empty Church's. After several minutes of listening, this writer asked a number of questions e.g., "Why the Church's are losing attendance/members?" and then a number of questions which followed their answers... This was not the first time such concerns were addressed among group members and not the first time which the members were subjected to something of an interrogation...

As it was, and as it is, the trend shall continue, because the Church - by its actions, like the parent rebuking a child for imitating his parent's actions - has taught the "flock" that the Church leaders, and their complicit subordinate clergy, do not believe what they teach. The Church has much in common with the parent that reeks of marijuana rebuking their child which they caught smoking dope.

The Catholic Church since Vatican II – particularly in the United States – seems to have aligned itself with the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Platform is about as antichrist as imaginable. The Church should ubiquitously convey its moral teaching, and advocate that voters nominate candidates that represent Church teaching; laying down markers regarding disqualifying conditions of politicians and Parties e.g., an abortion plank in a platform should disqualify not only the Party but all candidates representative of that Party.

If the Church had so acted – in the past – the Democratic Party would have become pro-life. Because the Church tolerates ostensible Catholics e.g., Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Patrick Leahy etc., they are delivering a message to the flock and to the culture, viz: “We’re not that serious about the Church’s moral teaching!” Similarly, when Barack Obama was asked to speak at “Catholic” Universities Notre Dame and Georgetown, Obama agreed to speak, if the Universities covered the statues of Jesus Christ; by agreeing to Obama’s demands the Church was speaking clearly to those in the pew! Obama celebrates abortion, sodomy and in forcing – via Government – ubiquitous compliance with Obama’s perverse sense of morality, and those Church institutions bowed to Obama’s conditions so they may have him purvey his filth.

It would seem patently obvious – to the most casual observer – that the Catholic Church takes lightly its own Traditional teaching. The Church has allowed the advocacies for abortion and sodomy – offered by clergy and politicians – as long as such advocacies are balanced by the Democratic Party’s ostensible concern for the disenfranchised; the Democratic Party has historically had great success in marketing themselves as big-hearted advocates of the poor – and the Church had abetted the Party in beguiling the flock. The reality – regarding the Democrat Party concern for the disadvantaged - the Party may best be viewed as an analog for the Clinton Foundation which manages to actually benefit its constituents with roughly 6% of what it receives in donations. Democratic Policies close American businesses, and replace jobs with welfare… The Democratic Party is – in, and, by principle – antichrist, and the Catholic Church in the United States has generally had the Party’s back since at Kennedy Presidency (actually, likely since FDR). So as Catholics – in the United States (and likely Europe, where the Church shows itself even more moribund) - see the Church as being insincere. Add to the suppression of certain parts of the gospel – the sharp edges of the gospel and of Jesus Christ (See our: “Separating Christ from his Cross”) – which cannot square with God as ‘unconditional love’ and universal salvation. Jesus speaks about damnation almost as frequently as salvation, and he intimates that the path to damnation is wide, and sought by many, whereas the path to life is narrow… Catholic priests almost never speak about the reality of Hell today; it is as if they think such a concept as quaint and no longer relevant…

We induce - or guess - that it seems that certain beliefs - prevalent among Catholics, reared as Catholics - possess certain individuals as psychological impediments making it quite difficult - for them - to acknowledge something seemingly obvious; this because to grant such notions then prompts a seeming necessary juxtaposition of at least one apparent contradiction, to wit: "The immortality of the Church" (Christ said: And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."), and the Church seeming to being failing, at this moment in time..." We think that some are so ordered as to confuse the Church with its leadership.

Peter - the pope – may betray the Church; Saint Peter – the first Pope – betrayed Christ. According to the Catholic Church, there have been bad Popes, but this doesn’t mean they were not infallible on what they taught regarding faith and morals when teaching from the chair-of-Peter. It was that though they may not have overtly betrayed Christ - or his teaching - they instead suppressed certain teachings (as Pope Francis seems to be doing). Or, such papacies emphasized certain teachings as they simultaneously suppressed balancing teachings (again, as Pope Francis seems to be doing), thus they allowed orthodoxy to be confused i.e., become heterodox in practice, while the doctrine remains unchanged, but also untaught.

We suggest that when the Church attempts to fulfill the mission Christ left his “Bride” (the Church) it will ubiquitously indict the culture – holding it to an account, as the Church historically did in ascendancy, and the Church will recover; if the Church chooses to continue on its present course we expect the Church to continue to lose members and recede from cultural relevance… Then what of Christ’s claim regarding his Bride’s fate?

Christ’s claim – regarding the Church’s ‘prevailing against the gates of Hades’ - is not about a man or the office (the papacy) filled by that man, it is about the Holy Spirit dwelling within Christ’s Church – in faithful souls devoted to “the way, the truth, and the life.” Christ indicates that the Church will be on the wane when he returns, to wit: “And if those days had not been shortened, no one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect they will be shortened.” Matthew 24: 22. If upon Jesus Christ’s return the corpus of Church teaching resides in a single monk dwelling in the desert (or dwelling anyplace whatsoever) the Lord’s word is fulfilled.

Thomas J. Donegan

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