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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
Born January 22, 1958 Graduated 1976 Lawrence County Vo-Tech U.S.Navy, 11/76 - 10/82 Cryptologic Technician M-branch Graduated 1989 Slippery Rock University B.S. Mathematics, minors: Philosophy, History U.S. Government 1990 -2001 Various private sector Electrical/Electronics jobs 2001- present


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A Troubling Phenomena @ Fox News

Jul. 26, 2017 2:19 am
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We observe that as a guy, most of the time Fox News can be appreciated muted, but moral responsibility requires that one be somewhat informed about what goes on in the Nation. Given that one has a finite amount of time available to pursue knowledge regarding the notable events of the day, one couldn't select a better source for quasi-objective (Fox News, is left-of-center, but strives to be objective; ideologues think it is Right-wing, but their irrational worldview colors their judgment in raw empty-headed sentiment...) News than Special Report.

This writer records Special Report with Brett Baier - often we are not able to watch the show which airs 6:00 - 7:00 P.M. EST... The first 35 minutes is News of the day, and the balance of the program is "the panel," which is 3-4 political columnists and Brett Baier; they discuss political ramifications of the big stories of the day... It could be that we have noticed something a bit out of the ordinary taking place at Fox News of late - say the last 2-3 weeks - on Special Report...?

Of late, we have noticed - it rather shocked us with their smooth utterances, so smooth they appeared subtle - that certain reporters John Roberts, Kevin Cork and Peter Doocy (perhaps Ed Henry and James Rosen too) have injected claims into their reports which assert that Trump - or the Trump Whitehouse - is trying to distract from the Russian investigation, by doing "X" or by saying "X." These assertions are injections into a News story which express opinion; most obviously the opinion of the reporter, or their editor... Such must be the case because one cannot imagine anyone in the Trump Administration making such a claim e.g., "Yes, John! The President is doing this visit to the Veteran's Administration here in Washington, to get you off of the Russia Collusion story..."

Now we do not watch much of the rest of the Fox lineup (exception: we record, and watch Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace; note: it is more enjoyable when Brit Hume fills in for Wallace; Hume is less tendentious...) - irrespective of how pleasant may be the scenery on most of their programs; so we do not know it such a phenomena has affected the rest of Fox News programming. In our judgment, Special Report and Fox News Sunday seem to be the most sober of the News programs on TV. So is this injection of opinion into News stories - regarding motivations of those whom are subjects of News coverage - intentionally part of a change in News coverage @ Fox under new management i.e., is this part of the Murdock boys taking over for Pops looks like, or what?

Thomas J. Donegan

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