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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
Born January 22, 1958 Graduated 1976 Lawrence County Vo-Tech U.S.Navy, 11/76 - 10/82 Cryptologic Technician M-branch Graduated 1989 Slippery Rock University B.S. Mathematics, minors: Philosophy, History U.S. Government 1990 -2001 Various private sector Electrical/Electronics jobs 2001- present


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Considering the Possibilities

Jul. 16, 2017 9:55 am
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To those whom argue from the social-political Left, we acknowledge: It may be that there was - and is - a cover-up going on within the Trump campaign... If so Robert Mueller will uncover that information, and if it touches Trump that will likely end him and his Presidency; Republicans will be so much happier with Pence. Some Republicans would like to accelerate Trump's removal - if they could - so as to enact much of Trump's agenda without the fanfare and carnival which Trump has a inveterate tendency towards; Pence likely could get it done quickly and quietly This would help Republicans in the mid-term and in 2020 election-cycles. Thus Trump's removal would likely represent a short-term emotionally satisfying victory for those which detest Trump, but a long-term actual loss.

We note too that many Republicans (the RINO's) pretty much agree with the Democrat Party on many issues e.g., TPP, Paris Accord membership, bureaucratic management of damn near every facet of society, surrendering U.S. sovereignty to U. N. etc. Put another way: The Democratic Party wants to take us to Hell this afternoon; Republicans want to savor the trip and tarry along the path to enjoy the sights (truth is they both seem to want to establish a bureaucratic autocracy)... The real conservatives (fiscal conservatives are not conservatives), and Tea Party elements may have learned from Trump on how to take down Democrats i.e., speak the truth irrespective of whether impolitic or otherwise! Truth uttered repetitively about Democrats and their policies is a bit like sunlight to vampires! Democrats, social-political Leftists and the Press (yes, that is rather redundant!) love to distract by ascribing the red-herring of bigoted motivations to their opponents; perhaps Republican's have learned from Trump to turn it around upon the Democrats? If so, the most efficacious tool Democrats use to advance themselves i.e., character assassinations, may not prove effective down-the-road... And so Pence - and whatever coalition he would broker among the two factions mentioned above (tea-partiers and conservatives) - may cause Democrats, and the John McCain Susan Collins wing of Republicans regret removing Trump...

That said, it is our view that there isn't a case against Trump or his son, unless they are going to prosecute them for being gauche, or stupid - or both. And the stupidity is in - in this writers opinion - regards to Trump not understanding that he is guilty until proven innocent - of whatever the Democrats and Press allege! It would have been wiser for Trump to be more reticent to say anything regarding any investigation, but that isn't Trump. Trump could have immediately went to the Press and announced: "FBI Director Comey has told me that I - POTUS Donald J. Trump - am not under investigation; Comey would have had to confirm or deny, because the Press and the Democrats would have damned Trump for ending their Party witch-hunt early... As to Comey's firing, Trump wanted Comey to say to the American people, what he said to Trump privately (that Trump was not under investigation), and Comey refused. We think the Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein apprised Trump that there wasn't any reason for Comey not to tell the public, except to cast a pallor upon the President's legitimacy - or to cast the shadow of corruption upon his Administration. We think that once Trump understood that, he angrily - justifiable anger in our opinion - fired Comey, and derogated him publically due to that anger. The public derogation may have been imprudent; Comey may get his day in Court, and may face charges - National Security leaking, destruction of evidence; piles and piles of evidence - regarding Hillary and the Clinton Foundation - was handed to Comey by FBI agents chomping-at-the-bit to testify! Comey could go away for a long time if the investigation ever takes place... Trump should empanel another special counsel for that very purpose...

Trump's relationship - with the Press - deteriorated as soon as he secured the GOP nomination. Once the contest was set, the Press turned critical because they only want Democrats in office; Democrats and the Press share worldviews! How unlike Press treatment of Trump, Bush, Reagan, Nixon is their treatment of an Obama or Bill Clinton (either could commit armed robbery and their first line of defense would be the mainstream Press...). Recall the Press's defense of Clinton lying before a Grand Jury, and the POTUS Clinton taking advantage of Monica Lewinsky; Trump is a monster for uttering lewd comments about women; Clinton proved - as a Democrat - one could violate every aspect of sexual-harassment laws and be defended by the entire social-political Left establishment! The bias - of which they (the Press) are so often accused - is a bias of worldview, thus the typical University graduate has an assimilated antipathy for things social-political Right, and an reflexive affinity for things social-political Left; members of the Press generally are not consciously aware of their bias, but it is still inveterate bias notwithstanding their blindness.

So at the end of the day, Robert Mueller will determine what is what; if he has something it may - or may not - end Trump (Consider that it could be surrogates acting independently, or relatives e.g., son Don Jr. will be found guilty of "X"; Trump will just pardon his son... And likely pardon any others as long as they were not actually attempting to damage the USA; taking out Democrats - Clinton Inc - Trump will likely pardon) and if Trump is exonerated he will become more openly - boldly - contemptuously opposed to unfriendly Press... If Mueller delivers nothing against Trump, then Trump will have managed to help - even provoke - the Press eviscerate whatever remnant of credibility it possesses, and also managed to place the Democratic Party in a box; a box of which the American people will be told - by Trump - and to which they will agree: "They just hate me (Trump) and will do anything to thwart my agenda to make America Great Again!" And thus, the Press and the Democratic Party will have destroyed themselves.

Thomas J. Donegan

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