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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
Born January 22, 1958 Graduated 1976 Lawrence County Vo-Tech U.S.Navy, 11/76 - 10/82 Cryptologic Technician M-branch Graduated 1989 Slippery Rock University B.S. Mathematics, minors: Philosophy, History U.S. Government 1990 -2001 Various private sector Electrical/Electronics jobs 2001- present


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The Difference between the social-political Right's desire to stop Obama’s agenda and the social-political Left opposition to block POTUS Trump and the Republicans

Jul. 11, 2017 8:55 pm
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When President Obama was elected President, Rush Limbaugh on his radio-talk show (we paraphrase) uttered: ‘Everyone is congratulating President Obama and hopes he succeeds – or is successful - I hope he fails!” Limbaugh added: ‘I hope he fails because Obama wants to fundamentally change the United States of America, which is to say, Obama wants to destroy the United States as it was conceived by its Founders!’ Now Limbaugh was panned by nearly everyone in the Republican Party that was asked about his remarks. In contrast to Limbaugh, Republican politicians and most other pundits on the social-political Right – the exceptions would be Hannity, Levin, Savage et al, (each - to some degree, whether they admit it or not – are influenced by Limbaugh…) – wished Obama success. Later Mitch McConnell (at the time Senate Minority Leader) claimed his goal was” “To make Obama a one-term President;” McConnell’s utterance followed his coming to understand what Limbaugh knew immediately i.e., once McConnell understood Obama’s campaign rhetoric – regarding fundamental change – was not mere rhetoric, Obama wanted to convert the United States into something like our neighbor (Canada) to the north, or our European allies (whereby bureaucracies determine nearly everything citizens of the EU do, utilizing political-correction as a limitation of such rights as speech! Wouldn’t it be great to be found in violation of the Law because one takes umbrage with ideological fiat?

Obama, and those of the social-political Left (most of them seem to suffer from their large intestine leaking into their cranium…?), would assert that that is an unfair characterization, but those people deny – tacitly or explicitly - inalienable Rights (and therefore the Bill of Rights, and this includes jurists on the Supreme Court), as utterly meaningless conceptual legacies of the pre-scientific worldview informing the Founding Fathers (You know: a bunch of White hateful bigoted slave-owners… The Social-political Leftist is most skilled at reducing the complexity of impetuses animating human choice – when an opponent – to one simple malice! Damn they are good making their opponents into monsters!).

The social-political Left, and the Democratic Party, claims themselves as proponents of “science,” as they deride their opponents as “flat-earthers” and such. The truth is that the social-political Leftist and the Democratic Party are not so much advocates of science, as they are of ideology wearing-the-clothes of the sciences. As it the wont of modern science, the interpretative “philosophical criteria” of the sciences a.k.a. “scientism” – the bracketing of ideas, concepts and other aspects of reality which cannot be weighed, measured and quantified, holding them scientifically meaningless – is not science, but a habitual view – which need not be, but is - attendant to the sciences. We note: scientism – as a purely conceptual structure would to be bracketed, as would the scientific method, if the practice of bracketing were consistently practiced; thus both “scientism and the scientific method are scientifically meaningless… Consistency isn’t always the strong-suit of those – the Leftist i.e., ideologues - which have their thoughts impaired by the aforementioned condition of their bowels backing up into their cognitive faculties… You gotta wonder if the Leftist’s near constant irascibleness may have something to do with the proximity of their brains with their olfactory nerves?

Now the long digression was to explain both that the social-political Right’s opposition to Obama, the Democratic Party and their irrational agenda has nothing at all to do with race, color, national origin, it does have to do with creed, and has to do with the United States of America surviving as a Constitutionally Federated Democratic Republic (we almost gone, but we can turn the country back from the abyss towards which spent most of the 20th and all of the 21st century marching…). And regarding the Democratic Party not only did it leave Ronald Reagan it would not be recognized by John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman FDR et al. Those Democrats were Americans that loved this country and both Truman and Kennedy were veterans of its two World Wars respectively; Kennedy a war hero, to boot! That Democratic Party has a name in common with the Party occupied with Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama, Hoyer, Durbin, Schumer, Schiff, and other malefactors.

Now the Democratic Party opposition to Trump is that he is POTUS and they expected otherwise. They (the Press, and the Democratic Party members were hoping fro a Trump candidacy) supported him in the primaries! This writer asserted in a number blog pieces, because they – the Democrats and the Press - thought he most easily beatable; he speaks like a common-Joe, and is just as gauche and pedestrian; Hillary will embarrass the day-lights out of the rube. This writer mistakenly thought that that was what would happen, as well! So this writer was wrong! But what Trump (particularly Trump, because many Republicans like much of the Democratic Party agenda, they just want fiscal responsibility which Democrats eschew), and the Republican’s represent a movement diametrically away from the direction Obama had lead the country (GHW Bush, Clinton, and GW Bush were slowly moving the Nation in Obama’s direction, but at a much slower pace…), and such a reversal threatens – among other devastating effects – deep pocketed moneyed interests both in the United States and in so many countries around the world benefiting (being enriched) by American foreign and domestic policy following social-political Leftist designs for a World Government – a Federation of Nations - whereby the United States of America is but a State. Obama would have us the USA to be reduced to homogeneity within that organ, but a William Kristol (Weekly Standard CEO, and intellectual pundit). Kristol would have the USA be a member and the ruler of the organization; this writer likes and respects Kristol’s mind, but does not agree with what Kristol intimates, but does not explicitly state.

Trump represents a messy reshuffling of global financial interest e.g., TPP, NAFTA, GATT and “man-made climate change” and the need for the Paris Climate Accord… All such agreements are smoke utilized for wealth transfers from the USA to the rest of the world; done right in front of all the numbskulls worried about Plutocracies serving the Koch brothers… See above for why they may be suffering from such obvious intellectual impairment… It is a damn shame that so many bright and talented individuals are suffering so, and likely are only in need of a good cleanse or enema to “turn-on-the-lights!”

Thomas J. Donegan

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