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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
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Why Comey’s Memos seem to contradict his sworn testimony of May 8, 2017

Jun. 13, 2017 1:12 pm

When FBI Director Comey was questioned – under oath – by Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI)

05/08/17 as to whether anyone had tried to halt an investigation being conducted by the FBI, Comey said he had never experienced such a thing (See article here: In spite of what Comey said before the Senate in May, his testimony last week before the Senate regarding the memos - and again under oath – seemed to contradict his May testimony. In discussing his memos, he described his reason for writing them (Trump is a liar, and not to be trusted), his reason for leaking them (to prompt an appointment of a special investigator) and made his clear definite animus for President Trump. And the question that many are asking is: “How do you square the memos – in which Comey intimates he was being pressured by Trump in his meeting regarding the Russian investigation, particularly concerning Mike Flynn (short-lived, and fired, NSA director), and the pressure was such that Comey thinks may represent “obstruction of justice” – with Comey’s May testimony?

We suggest that Director Comey wrote the memos - after he was fired on May 9th and had his friend leak those memos as early as May 11th. But his friend - Columbia Law Professor Daniel Richman - may claim whatever Comey told him to claim; after all they are not only friends! It is likely that they share in contempt vis-à-vis Trump's comportment; knowing the law, we think they are gambling that finding any definitive claim against their claims for - shall we say - inventing a damning narrative regarding Trump's conduct in a Comey's private meeting would be difficult to establish, even if Trump has a recording! Trump better have a filming of their exchange from any number of angles lest Comey claim "body-language" was intimidating (Oh my, I was so frightened!), and unless one were in the room one would derive the sense of coercion of which the business mogul is capable...

Thus, we think Comey was working in opposition to Trump all along, yet Comey attempted to survive his in his post as Director of FBI - so as to continue to harm Trump and the Trump agenda – and so it is likely that Comey contradicts his May testimony because he is lying! We cannot prove Comey is lying, but (Comey seems to have channeled John Kerry who 'supported the Gulf War before he was against the Gulf War...') wasn’t pressured, before he was? So Comey is dissembling, but he knows Democrats and the Press have his back (they'd support the devil himself to depose Trump; guess through supporting Bill Clinton in the 90's and Obama for 8 years the Press has developed and affinity for things demonic... Of course, such support is merely logical extension of their principles!)

And we return to what we said above that Trump and Comey had their private meetings well before May 9th. So was Comey lying under oath on May 9 th or was lying June 6th? What changed between those dates? Comey was abruptly – and rudely – fired, and as a sentimental human he likely wants “his-pound-of-flesh!” Moreover, Comey is now a star of the social-political Left, and we hear is writing a book, which – as long as it derides Trump – should be worth millions, and sell like hot-cakes! Clever guy that Comey is, he likely understood that Trump is something akin to an "accident waiting to happen," or a "bomb about to detonate," and to be proximate to what damage Trump's proclivities may wreak would be quite lucrative; maybe windfall financial gain and retirement is what was behind Comey's actions as the Director of the FBI?

Thomas J. Donegan

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