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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
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What is the Impeachable Offense?

May 19, 2017 9:34 am

Dr. Mike Sutton has a blog post titled: "Daft Donald Bounce" wherein Dr Sutton asserts: "Trump's impeachment seems imminent" and this statement prompted me to respond - on his blog. I include that note below, with a few additional comments...

Hi Mike!

Wishful thinking does not equate to impeachment; it seems that you have inside information regarding impeachable offense/s for which Trump is guilty?

Since Trump was elected (although he was not my candidate of choice, he is far superior to Clinton and/or Obama - but I do understand how they had an appeal among the "might-makes-right-crowd"), the social-political Left and the Press have attempted to ascribe collusion with Russia to the Trump campaign, but withal the leaks there hasn't been any corroborating leaks, just a whole bunch of smoke. The Press can do wonders with an individual; they can make a decent human like George W. Bush (didn't like him as President - for policy reasons, but he was a decent and seemingly moral man...) ubiquitously hated, and they can take an wicked individual - like Obama - and convince the electorate that he is the very opposite of what he is.

In the short-term the Press and Democrats may regret the appointment of a special-prosecutor, for it will tend to tamp down the attention given all of the smoke which they have labored to create; thus Trump and Republicans may be able to enact some of Trump's agenda, which may redound to their favor in 2018. The Left - at the very least - hope to prevent the realization of the agenda's enactment, and run against the Republicans in 2018 as "the do nothing Congress." If the Democrats can take the House or Senate in 2018, they can prevent the Trump Presidency from accomplishing any of its remaining goals... That is what the "circus" is about; Trump - as a sentimentalist - is easily manipulated by affronts upon what he deems to be his prowess, regarding whatever capacity he prides himself as an exemplar...

Take Care, Mike!


Regarding Mike's assertion that Trump's impeachment seem imminent, Dr. Sutton may, or may not, supply any information he has to the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller; certainly this information would be appreciated, since it would truncate the investigation allowing Vice President Pence to assume the Presidency perhaps within the next week or so. In the short-term Trump's impeachment would be satisfying for the Democrats and the Press, but then they would need to deal with the disciplined Pence... The antics of character assassination so effective with Trump, would likely be as effective, and affective, with a President Pence as casting aspersions upon drying paint. Moreover, Pence would likely turn to Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and ask him to broaden the powers of the special counsels office Robert Mueller to look into all the various Departments of Government - on the grounds of National Security - which are tainted by political activity, given political activity within the Government of the United States is strictly in violation of the Law. The squeals which would follow would likely be heard by Dr. Mullen in England over the open-air i.e., without the need for radio broadcast.

Regarding my assertions that President Bush was a "decent seeming moral man" yet ubiquitously hated; given the sentimental disposition (which we note is the opposite of a disposition of moral virtue i.e., a rational disposition i.e., a disposition disaffected in his/her judgments/actions/choices by their feelings; moral choice is moral choice; justice must be given friend and foe...) of nearly all educated and uneducated, it is easy enough for sentiments of the Press personages to be transferred to the general public, to include the well educated. We note that the educated are generally completely ignorant regarding what constitutes moral conduct i.e., moral virtue; largely this is because the University repudiates objective moral principles as derivative from/of God, since God is generally considered a chimera - in the University - anything other than situational ethics is viewed by the common intellectual as absurd... Thus, the educated are as easily manipulated the common Joe/Josephine...

We indicated that President Obama is "wicked," and this would seem to be an emotional claim and/or judgment, but Obama unabashedly advocates/advocated - as part of his foreign and domestic policy - the ubiquitous murder of millions of infants and the promotion of sodomy; thus my assertion - as most of my assertions, regarding what appears to be the impugning of character - is predicated upon Obama's actions and advocacies, not based upon some innuendo.

Obama - and all advocates of the mass extermination of human beings via abortion - differs in degree, not in kind, with/from Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot et al; we moderns - in the United States, the West (formerly Christendom) and around the globe - have allowed ourselves to become blinded to what we do in the act of abortion! If one could poll the generations of humans which populated the globe in 1945 (i.e., inform the common citizenry of 1945 regarding such future events regarding abortion, and take a poll of their opinion; opinions predicated upon the worldview of 1945), and prior to 1945, about the millions upon millions of babies which have been murdered (globally, not only in the United States), we would think it a safe bet to find general agreement, that to take the life of an innocent babe-in-the-womb, to be tantamount to the atrocities perpetrated by the aforementioned mass murderers... It is from Obama's advocacies which we judge him - likewise Bill and Hillary Clinton, and many other such abortion advocates - impenitently wicked!

We assert that President Donald Trump is sentimental... Such a statement may be considered an under-statement? Trump is his own worst enemy and exhibits - as he speaks, and tweets - what messes nearly unregulated passion can produce. It seems - thus far - the world is fortunate that he has family and friends (and a Government full of safeguards against rash behavior) around him to bring him to ground before, he does something in a moment of passion which cannot be undone. It may be that President Trump is an egoist, but egoism - at bottom - is often indicative of a sense of inferiority, or so most of the psychological community would argue...

It is our view that the Democrats - in truth - want to cripple Trump (as we intimated above), but do not want to remove him, for his agenda will go forward under Pence, and Pence - as we have already stated - will not be distracted by aspersions and smoke; Pence would likely move much more quickly on many fronts because he knows Government, and is friends with many key people in the House and the Senate... We think that Democrats and the Press would rue the day they managed to remove President Trump, but we think - that they think - if Trump is harangued enough he may do something which truly constitutes a condition of impeachment; thus far they've got nada damn thing!

Thomas J. Donegan

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