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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
Born January 22, 1958 Graduated 1976 Lawrence County Vo-Tech U.S.Navy, 11/76 - 10/82 Cryptologic Technician M-branch Graduated 1989 Slippery Rock University B.S. Mathematics, minors: Philosophy, History U.S. Government 1990 -2001 Various private sector Electrical/Electronics jobs 2001- present


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Jul. 22, 2012 6:38 pm
In modern society, most people unconsciously choose to disassociate an individual from their principles/beliefs from what they advocate/choose. Often the most vile/selfish motives are ascribed to those whose personal choices reflect the objective morality (e.g., George W. Bush) which they avow, and its attendant worldview (Christianity), and that ascription is rendered by those that...  Read More
Jul. 17, 2012 11:03 am
Moralists formerly spoke of “slippery slopes” with regards to ostensibly inviolable principles being transgressed. I wish that I could say “moralists speak,” in present tense, but one must question if there are any surviving moral citadels from whence a decline is possible. Many such slippery-slope occasions have been witnessed since the end of the 2 nd World War (not that they began there - let...  Read More
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