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Thomas J Donegan
Thomas J Donegan
Born January 22, 1958 Graduated 1976 Lawrence County Vo-Tech U.S.Navy, 11/76 - 10/82 Cryptologic Technician M-branch Graduated 1989 Slippery Rock University B.S. Mathematics, minors: Philosophy, History U.S. Government 1990 -2001 Various private sector Electrical/Electronics jobs 2001- present


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Mar. 28, 2013 8:56 pm
Generally, if one desires a building to endure, one establishes the building upon a solid foundation. Society in general, and the United States, in particular, has such a foundation, but it is not the founding documents; the founding documents depend upon "knowing subjects" i.e., - human beings. No other being of which we are aware could establish a nation upon a document of laws. Laws...  Read More
Mar. 25, 2013 12:46 pm
Note: This is not actually a case for homosexual marriage, as much as it is arguing that "homosexual marriage" differs only in degree from those “heterosexual marriages” predicated upon the satiation of an appetite; moreover that our Culture has been arguing that this very ground for marriage, by intimation – indeed - at least since the dawn of the sexual-revolution. An effect of the sexual...  Read More
Mar. 24, 2013 11:15 am
A number of years ago I regularly gave money to a number of charities, and they of course advocated for a number of various causes I agreed with. In the course of a political season, the 2000 campaign, Joe Liebermann was the vice presidential nominee of Al Gore. Liebermann, in the course of the campaign, repudiated many of his positions which he and William Bennett (Reagan’s Education Secretary...  Read More
Mar. 18, 2013 3:16 pm
Note: A number of the terms that I utilize within e.g., rational, have elsewhere been defined e.g., “ Answering George Orwell’s Call to Duty ,” and placed within - and in part form - the cultural worldview which was familiar to our ancestors; particularly so regarding the Founding Fathers. Note further that: The points I make within are: 1.) Once the philosophical metaphysics undergirding the...  Read More
Mar. 18, 2013 2:15 pm
Games are activities, which may run the gamut of the clearly defined, well delineated e.g., Chess, to the open-ended games e.g., Dungeons & Dragons (confession, this a conjecture, I know next to nothing of the game, sans the name), or even what is oft referred to - by the poetic - as the “game” of love… the participants of play in these varied activities involve themselves in such activities for...  Read More
Mar. 11, 2013 10:07 am
Tom Brady, Politics & Cultural Decay This past NFL season, a number of sports articles appeared about why Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are hated so. The articles intimate a number of reasons e.g., they are too damn good, “they cheat,” “Belichick is the smartest guy in the stadium” Brady is a “pretty-boy” etc. and although such reasons may be valid there may be a more fundamental reason...  Read More
Mar. 3, 2013 12:27 am
One of the things that infects our society is a misconception of what constitutes love. It is generally identified with desire. I will not deal with the all of the excesses and perversions manifest from this misconception. Instead I attempt only to unveil its being i.e., essence. Such a description will then allow a more insightful discussion of the excesses and perversities purveyed promoted by...  Read More
Mar. 1, 2013 9:52 am
A Ray Williams just broke the World’s Record Squat with a 905 Lbs squat. If Ray was required to squat 25 Lbs in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, or any ocean or large body of water, the weight would prove more than Ray could manage; without something solid under his feet, all of Ray’s great strength is negated. Presupposed in lifting any weight, or moving any object, is surface to push against,...  Read More
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