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Phil Hands
Phil Hands
Phil Hands is an editorial cartoonist, illustrator and writer from Madison, Wisconsin. A fierce political moderate, Phil is not afraid to call out the radicals partisans in either party. In his spare time, Phil enjoys drinking coffee, eating cheese and being cold.


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Donald Trump's big boastful list of lies

Oct. 25, 2017 4:24 pm
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Thomas J Donegan
October 26, 2017 at 12:02 am
Wondering if you could explain what a lie is, Phil?

Hi Phil!

There is a difference - Phil - between "lying" and not being able to accept the truth; if you cannot accept the truth, an individual will generally create a narrative to account for the difference. How can you tell somebody is lying, Phil? Additionally, sometimes people - both on the social-political Left and social-political Right (as well as people completely a-political) - have erroneous information, that they believe to be true. And sometimes these people are called liars, but they are not lying, they are just wrong. Your list may have a thing - two - which Trump may believe to be false, but he reports as true, but some of those things thought-to-be - or - said-to-be false are now being demonstrated as true... So, Phil, I was wondering what you hold to be a lie? And how can you tell when one is lying? It could be that Trump is not lying, about those things which seem to contravened by facts; it could be that he is wrong, but not lying. If that is the case then your caricature really would miss the mark, wouldn't it?

Have a good night, Phil!


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