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Phil Hands
Phil Hands
Phil Hands is an editorial cartoonist, illustrator and writer from Madison, Wisconsin. A fierce political moderate, Phil is not afraid to call out the radicals partisans in either party. In his spare time, Phil enjoys drinking coffee, eating cheese and being cold.


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We should all be worried about President Donald Trump's relationship with Russia

Feb. 20, 2017 12:49 pm
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Thomas J Donegan
February 20, 2017 at 6:31 pm

Hi Phil!

Trump is about as intractable as they come, one may even say it defines him! Neither Putin, nor any Republican or Democrat leads Trump (Ivanka is about the likely to alter Trump's views and/or goals). Of course an individual educated in the public schools - prone to lap up the nonsense written, and said, about Trump - will likely join you in your worry...

Put Obama, or Hillary on leases with Putin - or any assertive/aggressive individual - and it would make perfect sense. Hillary is/was not a strong woman (Bill used and abused her, and she took it!), but she certainly is more manly, and a stronger woman than Barack Obama!

Cheers, Phil!


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Phil Hands
February 24, 2017 at 3:47 pm

Uh... I went to private school.

I don't know what happened in Bill and Hillary's personal life. Maybe you do.

I'm not so sure that Trump is leading with a coherent strategy, as much as his flailing to keep his head above water. Just because Trump is loud, obnoxious and unpredictable, doesn't mean he will be a strong leader, and just because Obama was calm, collected and reserved doesn't mean he was a week leader. Remember the words of that great Republican president, Teddy Roosevelt, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." We know that Trump isn't speaking softly and I question how big his stick really is.

Thomas J Donegan
February 25, 2017 at 1:48 pm

Hi Phil!

The comment regarding public schools has to do with your obvious advocacy for them, given your characterization of Betsy DeVos... Were education simply about teaching reading, writing and mathematics (of course logic should be required class, and formerly - when geometry was mandated, it substituted as an informal logic class...), the there would not be much disagreement between public education and parochial, and/or charter and/or home-schooling. The disagreement comes in as what children are to believe about the world, those on the social-political Right, think parents/families and local communities should provide an alternative to the "value-free" education public schools provide (such education need not, but generally does produce adults afflicted with many anti-social i.e., sociopathic1 - traits e.g., egoism).

1 Note regarding anti-social i.e., sociopathic conduct: If you want more sociopaths, allow the social-sciences tell society how to organize itself (This is what has happened, in part through the public schools; largely the social-sciences are consulted as to what is normal, abnormal, healthful, unhealthful, right and wrong conduct, but their disciplines render such terminology as meaningless! It does not - however - prevent them from making moral judgments, by another name... The effect? Corruption and destruction of human relations, because sentiment only binds when sentiment is bound by objective moral principles which hold humans, and human life as sacrosanct. Only through institution which promote the embrace of objective moral principles may an approximation of a "just" society be realized. And an approximation is the best we humans - because we are human - can manage!

The abuses of women, by Bill Clinton, are easily discovered with just a little bit of curiosity - if you look - you will be amazed by the hypocrisy of the feminists, the Democrats, and the Press, at how he warranted a pass from them all, and yet he is much more guilty - and of graver offenses - than Bill Cosby. As Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton had the State Troopers bring Juanita Broderick to a hotel room; he raped he! Google NBC's Lisa Myers interview of Juanita Broderick (she interviewed Broderick when Clinton was still in the Whitehouse, and it was broadcast Nationally - in Prime time... Hillary enabled Bill to harm gangs of women, the harm they were subjected to ranging from molestation to rape!

You may be a bit young, and missed the Clinton Presidency, and that was why Trump made Bill Clinton's sexual-exploits, and Hillary's covering for those exploits, a campaign issue. Most of the youths were not paying attention, and the Media did there best to dismiss and disregard both of the Clinton's behavior in the 1990's and before, because the Clintons were important to advance the Leftist agenda. The issues the Left always advocate for - are a shtick to obtain and maintain power, they care nothing for the disenfranchised. The Democratic Party is the Party of Slavery, abortion and hedonism Phil, and the disenfranchised are the "mask which they don so as to get people like you, to empower them...

Teddy Roosevelt is a great President in the minds of Big Government types... We concede that he was manly, but he provided the inertia for the 16th, 17th Amendments and fractional reserve banking (Federal Reserve Act of 1913) all to be realized in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson. All big government impetuses i.e., each of them promote big ubiquitous Government. No conservative admires Roosevelt as a President, although they likely all admire him as a man (The same may be said of both President George W. Bush and his father George H.W. Bush, one cannot doubt their manly virtues, but their Presidency's were in keeping with those of Teddy Roosevelt...). Conservatives are advocates of limited government, and are thus advocates of objective morality ordering human souls, thus each human so ordered seeks the moral good of him/herself and of his fellow human. A moral culture seeks the elimination of injustice by attempting to seek to make each citizen desire to seek to become just i.e., to seek to the elimination of injustice within their particular orbit/sphere of influence (again, the best which we may realize is an approximation of a just-society)...

Obama can only be considered strong by those whom think pee wee Herman is a model of masculinity. Obama's "calm, collected and reserved demeanor" had much to with an obsequious Press; were he presented with his many contradictions he unlikely could not have maintained a calm demeanor. Romney - in the debates rattled Obama - largely because he showed himself Obama's intellectual superior, and Obama shrunk before the eyes of the American people. But Romney was too much of a gentleman, to destroy Obama - as he surely could have. The Leftist Obama supporters were so disappointed - especially in the 2nd debate - because Romney schooled Obama, and the pundits acknowledged that to be the case. Obama doubled the National debt, but can not point to a single achievement which improved the USA - except that fewer Democrats hold elective office. His foreign policy seems to have been - promote America's historic enemies, and weaken ties to historic allies, promote global abortion and global sodomy. Nationally he repetitively lied to American about Obama-care, as he promoted abortion and sodomy; he supported Black-Lives Matter, instead of promoting life in general. Obama did not promote justice understood as "what each is due," rather he promoted pre-Socratic justice both as: equilibrium through time (thus one balances past injustice, by injustice today i.e., the Government decides to take from "X" who earned via effort/merit and give to "Y" because past "Y's" did not get their share) and the pre-Socratic justice of harming enemies and helping friends... Any objective, dispassionate judge would hold Obama's Presidency - at best - missed opportunity, after missed opportunity. Obama could have improve the Nation, but Obama wanted to remake the United States in Obama's image... One could spend many words explaining Obama's failures, which were circumscribed by his view of the world... Obama's weakness too is/was circumscribed by his worldview.

By the same token, your characterization of Trump does not mean weak leadership... Trump has only begun his Presidency; what success or failures he has will only become apparent through time. Much of what ails the USA cannot be cured by government action, but what afflicts the USA may be exacerbated by Government interference motivated by some of the things (but not singularly by such things) I mentioned in the footnote above. Many things - but not all - could be attenuated considerably by repeal of the 17th Amendment, because Government will check Government, and Senators will be on a short-leash of their respective State Representatives. Consequentially the Federal Government will begin to shrink, as State Governments will grow, but such growth will not be commensurate... I think that those which oppose Trump are afraid that he will succeed, because the success may benefit the Nation, and the disenfranchised, but not those which oppose the changes Trump plans on making. Those that oppose him feign concern for the Nation, but - like the Democratic Party - only are concerned with advancing their power.

Take care, Phil!

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