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Phil Hands
Phil Hands
Phil Hands is an editorial cartoonist, illustrator and writer from Madison, Wisconsin. A fierce political moderate, Phil is not afraid to call out the radicals partisans in either party. In his spare time, Phil enjoys drinking coffee, eating cheese and being cold.


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Accepting refugees is the Christian thing to do

Feb. 17, 2017 3:22 pm
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Thomas J. Donegan
February 18, 2017 at 12:35 am
Is "Accepting Refugees the Christian thing to do?

Hi Phil!

I don't think anyone - other than a product of the public education system - would think Christians are concerned with Islam threatening their values, or those of this Nation; Christians are not fearful of their "values" being threatened, they are worried about the threat to their lives, the lives of their loved ones and to what stability there exists in the Nation's social-structures...

Let us also note that "values" is a protean modern term; the term has a rather syncretic (elastic/negotiable) quality and implication; thus we guess that relativists (and other pretentious avant-garde types) find the term emotionally comforting, as opposed to "objective principles of moral-virtue" which the same folk find to be absurd, and dangerous (Yes, they are full of beans!); they argue such are the basis chauvinism, bigotry and the like (such judgments are resultant of heads swimming in methane-gas, which cannot seem to find it's way out their anal-pore...?)...

If one were to build safe-zone "cities" in the Middle East, and those cities provided the amenities comparable - or superior to - those which the refugee enjoyed before they lost their homes, how does that contradict Matthew 25: 31-40? How Phil? Since one cannot differentiate a non-violent refugee, from an Islamic Jihadist, then Christianity (Pope Francis notwithstanding) would counsel against playing dice with innocent life! Note that a child willingly donning a bomb-vest, walking into a room full of strong men (whereupon he detonates the bomb), reduces those strong men to (to carnage) the status of "the least of the Lord's brethren..." To judge otherwise is to place sentiment before the moral principle of choosing the lesser of two evils...

A note regarding Pope Francis; formerly it was something of a statement of the obvious to ask: "Is the Pope Catholic?" Francis has made many non-heterodox Catholics - sometimes they are referred to as traditional Catholics - to soberly ask: "Is the Pope Catholic?"

Once upon a time - prior to 7th Century - the Middle-East was predominated by Catholics (other Christian faiths had not broken with the Church established by Jesus Christ through/upon Peter); of course there were Jews and non-Catholic Arabs practicing sundry polytheistic religions. Post Mohamed's visionary trance (he thought he wrestled with Satan; his "lieutenants" convinced him he wrestled the Angel Gabriel...), he and his men began to spread Islam via military engagement; those they defeated were given a choice to convert, pay a tribute tax (Jizyah tax; infidels paying the tax can live as second-class non-citizens within the caliphate... Without a jizyah, the infidel must convert or die, usually via beheading...)... Many converted, many were murdered, and others emigrated to Europe... The Crusades were not a military action by Catholics. The Crusades were a military reaction! Islam had invaded , and was on the brink of conquering Europe. When Pope Urban II realized Christendom had to resist Islam (which meant Military conflict i.e., war), or cease to exist, he called for the 1st Crusade in 1095...

Take Care, Phil!


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