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Paul A Duginski
Paul Duginski is a political cartoonist and veteran newspaper staff artist. He enjoys reading history, literature and going bodyboarding whenever he has time.


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White (House) Heat

Dec. 6, 2017 2:40 pm
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Cody Jarrett, the fearless robber and sadistic murderer played by James Cagney in the 1949 movie “White Heat” was intended to be the toughest and most menacing gangster in filmdom. To achieve that end, the writers and production team followed Cagney’s advice to “make him (the character) nuts.”

I haven’t seen the movie in many years, but I refreshed my memory because I was thinking about another volatile, eccentric character who is, quite frankly, nuts.

In the final scene of “White Heat,” Cagney’s character fulfills his mother’s dreams for him of making it to the “top of the world” — perversely by making it to the top of the criminal underworld. He is surrounded and trapped by G-men on top of a huge chemical storage tank, from which he taunts, “Come and get me, copper!” He ends it all by shooting holes in the tank, causing a massive explosion in which he is immolated, going out in a blaze of glory.

We don’t know if our mentally disturbed president, Donald Trump, will end it all by getting us into a nuclear war. He’s spoiling for a fight with “Little Rocket Man,” and he seems to want to pick a fight with the Iranians.

He’s shown himself not only to be a pathological liar, but a nutty one who doesn’t seem to mind that we see through the untruths. For example, he has recently tried to claim that it is not his voice on the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, describing his tactic of getting women by grabbing them by the p***y.

Billy Bush, who was there, as you may remember, says that indeed it was Trump, and that’s what he said.

Trump’s desperation is ever more apparent each day as he dissembles and shifts his story on the burgeoning Russia scandal.

It has emerged that he may have consorted with gangsters to launder money through his property in Panama, according to reports by NBC News and Reuters.

Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III is tightening the noose by “following the money,” the advice given by Deep Throat in the Watergate investigation.

Mueller has issued subpoenas in an investigation of Trump and his family’s business dealings with Deutsche Bank, an institution that has had to pay $670 million in fines for its role in a Russian money laundering plot.

As the Washington Post has reported, “Trump has a long history of shady dealings — outright scams such as Trump University, refusing to pay vendors who supplied him with goods and services, bankruptcies that allowed him to skate away from huge debts while others were left holding the bag. And he also has deep financial entanglements with alleged Russian oligarchs and mobsters.”

He has surrounded himself with others who also have shady dealings, such as Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.

The whole tangled web is too lengthy and complicated to recapitulate here, and fortunately we have news organizations such as the New York Times and the Washington Post who are doing a fine job of probing the malfeasance.

But it’s not hard to picture a defiant Trump, surrounded by Robert Mueller and his G-men in the White House, taunting them like Cody Jarrett, yelling, “Come and get me, copper!” He’s made it to the top of the word, and the crackpot showman is just nutty enough to blow it all up if he is cornered.

Call it “White House Heat.”

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