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Paul A Duginski
Paul A Duginski
Paul Duginski is a political cartoonist and veteran newspaper staff artist. He enjoys reading history, literature and going bodyboarding whenever he has time.


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The Sooner the Better

Oct. 30, 2017 4:24 pm
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The first of what may be many shoes dropped this morning in the Russia investigation. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, a business associate, were charged in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign.

A former foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump’s campaign, George Papadopoulos, pleaded guilty on Oct. 5 to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russians in an effort to dig up “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos has agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation under a plea agreement.

So Papadopoulos will sing, and the song probably won’t be pleasant to Donald Trump’s ears. We’ll see. Papadopoulos likely knows a lot about where all the bodies are buried in Trump world.

But even on this day before Halloween, Trump will find it harder to dismiss the investigation as a “witch hunt.” One of his own people is singing like a songbird.

Trump has shown that he is unsuited to be president even without his potential treason in colluding with the Russians to gain the Oval Office. Today’s events prove that there is indeed something to the charges — although no one has been found guilty yet — that Trump and his apologists and enablers are trying so desperately to distract us from.

The White House and entertainers such as Sean Hannity have practically given themselves hernias in their efforts to gin up scandal about Hillary or uranium or whatever. Can you smell the desperation?

Many Congressional Republicans have chosen to look the other way and overlook Trump’s sliminess, bullying and buffoonery in hopes that he’ll sign bills reflecting their agenda into law. They don’t care about the collateral damage to the country as long as they can jam their agenda through Congress and into law. But they may be coming to the realization this morning that they could very well wind up on the wrong side of history. And for what? Essentially to slavishly carry water for the wealthiest among us; to lick the boots of extremist evangelical factions; to scurry to do the bidding of big business at the expense of ordinary Americans; or to pleasure the the most vocal fringe, such as the gun-fondling National Rifle Assn.?

For this they sold their very souls?

In my opinion, dressing our so-called president, this embarrassing scourge upon our proud American nation, in a pumpkin orange jail jumpsuit to match his orange combover can’t happen soon enough.

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