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Paul A Duginski
Paul Duginski is a political cartoonist and veteran newspaper staff artist. He enjoys reading history, literature and going bodyboarding whenever he has time.


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Power Plays

Oct. 21, 2017 3:43 am
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Amid accusations of sexual harassment, assault and even rape lodged by an ever growing number of women against Harvey Weinstein, a man who donated money in support of liberal feminist causes, Republican critics of the movie mogul have come off as hypocrites. That’s especially true in light of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape in which our so-called president brags about his underhanded grab of female genitals, and how he can get away with such things because he’s a celebrity. As Donald says, “When you are a star they let you do anything.”

Trump has a long history of adultery and objectification of women. And this is the man who is now sitting in the Oval Office.

Before I hear from my troll, let’s stipulate that Bill Clinton was a lecher, too, but without the Trumpian vulgar braggadocio heard on the tape. In fact, I originally did the drawing of Clinton with the saxophone back during the 1990s, and it ran widely in newspapers, including the San Francisco Examiner.

The Republicans should keep their mouths shut because they have dirt on their own doorstep with the right-wing roué Roger Ailes and the obnoxious Bill O’Reilly, both formerly major pipes in that GOP house organ, Fox News.

Hollywood has always had the “casting couch,” and lurid scandals go back at least to Labor Day, 1921, when an actress by the name of Virginia Rappe died mysteriously in Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s 12th floor suite at San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel.

In addition to the creepy orange-haired reality show star now in the White House — a veritable satyr who has consistently been nothing short of a pig in his relationships with women — the modern entertainment industry also has Bill Cosby.

The bottom line is that powerful men take advantage of women routinely and with impunity in America. That simply has to stop, and there are indications that powerful men aren’t automatically being given the benefit of the doubt any longer.

Women have come forward in Sacramento with accusations of sexual harassment and assault in the California State Legislature. You know sexual harassment must be happening in state houses across the country, major city halls and pervasively in Washington — anywhere huge egos operate. Of course, it is rampant in America’s corporate suites, as well.

Power corrupts. Any instance where someone exercises power over the career and livelihood of another is ripe for sexual harassment and more. This is true no matter what your party affiliation or ideology. Finally, women who are speaking up are being believed.

We need more sunshine on this topic until such grotesque power plays are no longer ignored or accepted. This is a worthy goal, and I’m not naive enough to believe we will ever reach perfection, given human nature and its capacity for injustice and evil. But certainly such cases can no longer be dismissed with winks and nudges or as “fake news.”

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