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Paul A Duginski
Paul A Duginski
Paul Duginski is a political cartoonist and veteran newspaper staff artist. He enjoys reading history, literature and going bodyboarding whenever he has time.


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Two of a Kind

Sep. 27, 2017 2:21 am
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Kim Jong Un is the ruthless dictator of North Korea who has reportedly had some of his own family members executed. He leads a personality cult, and is a bloodthirsty buffoon. He is given to flights of extreme, goofily outlandish rhetoric, and is unpredictable.

Donald Trump is supposedly the president of the most powerful country on earth, but he doesn’t behave that way. He also is a buffoon. He nurses authoritarian dreams, admiring another bloodthirsty killer, Vladimir Putin, and he is the narcissistic leader of his own personality cult. He is also given to flights of bombastic, goofily outlandish rhetoric, and is unpredictable. (But he is protective of family members.)

What could go wrong?

Kim is a tin-pan dictator in the larger scheme of things, except that he has a big military and has been trying to develop nuclear weapons that can be delivered with intercontinental ballistic missiles. If he attacks the United States or its allies, especially with a nuclear weapon, he and his country will ultimately be vaporized, but not before he has taken a lot of innocent lives with him. Any war, conventional or nuclear, on the Korean Peninsula could result in the deaths of perhaps hundreds of thousands of South Koreans and Americans living in South Korea and Japan, to say nothing of the lives of the North Koreans Kim has brutalized and brainwashed.

He’s like a toddler with a hand grenade. Without the hand grenade, he would be harmless and no one would pay him any heed.

The United States has generally behaved like the adult in the room, vis-a-vis Kim, and has approached the problem with diplomacy and sanctions to avoid being drawn into a bloody war.

That is, until now.

Our so-called president behaves like a petulant child and says unnecessarily, recklessly provocative things, such as calling Kim “Rocket Man” and threatening to destroy North Korea. He acts like he’s spoiling for a fight, mindless of the disaster that a new Korean War would be, even when it’s a foregone conclusion that the U.S. would win in the end.

So Kim and Donald are two of a kind, with POTUS lowering himself to Kim’s level — which is that of the schoolyard lout. Only this is an incredibly deadly schoolyard.

My good friend Steve Johnson, my graphics mentor many years ago at the Sacramento Bee, and himself a clever cartoonist and writer, suggested this idea. I normally politely decline cartoon suggestions, but this one was just too good to pass up.

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