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Paul A Duginski
Paul A Duginski
Paul Duginski is a political cartoonist and veteran newspaper staff artist. He enjoys reading history, literature and going bodyboarding whenever he has time.


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Making America Groan Again

Sep. 19, 2017 2:15 am
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Our so-called president is also an astonishingly puerile president.

On Sunday, Trump retweeted an animated GIF showing him hitting a golf ball that flies through the air and hits Hillary Clinton in the back, knocking her down as she steps aboard an airplane. The tweet came from some Trump deplorable with a Twitter handle that is an expletive, which sounds about right. We’re not talking about terribly bright people here, folks.

Two unrelated videos were spliced together to create the doctored GIF, with the Clinton footage coming from an incident in 2011 when then Secretary of State Clinton tripped when boarding and airplane in Yemen. You can find it on YouTube.

What’s appalling is that it’s the president of the United States who is retweeting this moronic and misogynistic crap. This is junior high school stuff at best.

You may recall that Trump retweeted images of a CNN figure being run over by a train and of himself pummeling a character with a CNN placard for a face. So much for presidential gravitas.

But what makes this retweet even more disturbing is its theme of violence against women. This adds to what we’ve already heard from the serial sexual harasser of the “Access Hollywood” tape — the guy who bragged about his underhanded genital grab — and the creep who loomed and lurked menacingly behind Mrs. Clinton during one of the debates. All that’s missing is the raincoat.

So when I heard about Trump’s latest, I groaned, and said, “Not again!” Trump is making America groan again — and again and again.

He’s like a very bad joke that simply won’t end.

Thomas J Donegan
September 19, 2017 at 9:41 am
So you object boorish fantasy, but celebrate actual rapists

Hi Paul!

Once one has supported Bill Clinton - and ostensibly voted for him twice (correct me if I am wrong, but we seem to recall a blog or two which celebrated the satyrical lug) - it seems rather hypocritical to take umbrage with Trump's moral failings. Trump's failings are mostly fantasy, which although uncouth, do not advocate a single abortion (as Obama, both Clinton's and the DNC does; they are good with millions and millions of abortions!), do not look the other way on human-trafficking (As Obama's Justice Department did at the behest of the Silicon Valley Billionaire Plutocrats) and Trump doesn't arrogate to Government how families deal with sexual perversity; Obama's Government was one of forced acceptance!

So although President Trump publicly displays his many moral weaknesses (and many do seem to be quite childish!), his Government has considerably more respect for all Americans - as moral agents - than did Obama's did which treated humans as blocks of wood...

Oh, and you may object to me intimating that Bill Clinton was an actual rapist; any objective dispassionate observer would conclude that the evidence against good ole Bill would have had him arrested and brought up on charges, were he not the Attorney General of the State of Arkansas, then the Governor and the then the President. Lisa Myers - NBC Nightly News interviewed Juanita Broaddrich and claimed she believed her allegations; Clinton would have faced justice if he were not a powerful Democrat taking care of his Plutocratic friends...Moreover, the other women e.g., Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers et al, all allege similar behavior from William Jefferson Clinton. Robert Novak reported that the Republican Senators refused to look at the evidence against Clinton and that Trent Lott & Tom Daschle - during Christmas recess, before the impeachment trial - met with Clinton to make sure he did not face the music of an impeachment trial; if he had faced a trial, Americans would have likely heard of the real abuse of power, to include salacious details of Clinton's predatory sexual activities...

Alas, one can always count on Republicans to make a deal bad for Republic! Exposing Clinton moral and legal transgressions may have - but admittedly not likely - brought the country to the realization that moral character does in fact circumscribe choice...

Take Care Paul, hope you have an enjoyable autumn! Do you get the same colorful foliage in your area of California as you did in North Dakota? Fall is the best!


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