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Paul A Duginski
Paul Duginski is a political cartoonist and veteran newspaper staff artist. He enjoys reading history, literature and going bodyboarding whenever he has time.


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'Working' Vacation

Aug. 21, 2017 3:51 am
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Who knew when our so-called president embarked on his “working vacation” — an oxymoron a little like “jumbo shrimp” — earlier this month that he would be so busy.

Trump departed for his golf-resort vacation in Bedminster, N.J., on Aug. 4, for what was supposed to be 17 days, partly because the White House was undergoing some remodeling. But instead of 17 days, it seems like several months. Let’s take a look back at what he did.

During his vacation, Trump engaged in ill-advisedly loose talk about “fire and fury,” and he ratcheted up tensions and almost provoked a nuclear war with North Korea.

He also attacked Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal. It was a childish attack about military service in Vietnam from a president who himself dodged service with multiple deferments. Remember how the right-wingers called Bill Clinton a draft dodger?

In the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, Va., Trump gave aid and comfort to the un-American alt-right, including the Ku Klux Klan and white Nazis. Heather Heyer, 32, was killed when a Nazi sympathizer allegedly drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd protesting the white supremacists.

Trump drove CEOs out of his White House councils, and eventually folded them because of the embarrassing exodus. Trump’s racial views had become too radioactive even for big business.

Trump threatened war with Venezuela and told a crazy bald-faced lie about Gen. John J. “Black Jack” Pershing executing Muslim insurgents in the Philippines with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood.

He also finally fired Steve Bannon, so SNL will lose the death-head character in the cowled robe. Bannon has resumed his job at the wacky fringe publication, Breitbart News, where he promises to continue to snipe at his enemies in Trumpland.

Do you get the impression Trump was trying to distract us from something — like the Russia investigation? It was a “working vacation” that really didn’t work.

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