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Nerino J Petro Jr
Nerino J Petro Jr
Practice Management Advisor at State Bar of Wisconsin 
I am the Practice Management Advisor for the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Practice411™ Law Office Management Assistance Program. The mission of Practice411™ is to help attorneys operate their offices more effectively and efficiently.
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Say "Thanks" to a US Service Member this Memorial Day - Send Them a Free Thank You Card

May 28, 2010 12:56 pm

Memorial Day is a holiday created to honor our service members that have served and are still serving our country. As a former soldier, it was always a great feeling to get an mail when you were away from home. Xerox has created a website - Let's Say Thanks - that lets anyone send a free postcard to our troops overseas. You can select from a number of different cards representing patriotic scenes and images designed by children, which are then printed and sent to a service member. The cards are sent to service members deployed around the globe and are sent with care packages from Give2TheTroops®. Go ahead, do something good for a service member and yourself and send a thank you card this Memorial Day.

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