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Malcolm Pearson

Malcolm Pearson

20 years experience in the South African legal technology field has given me great exposure and knowledge to legal systems. Now I have used what I know and circle of experts to create the publication called Tech4Law, which is helping lawyers save money on technology.

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Grew up in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Spent many years in personal computer support and sales in the late 1980s. Started while still at school, often picking up the morning newspaper on the way home from work.

I started i the legal software and hardware market in 1987, and since then have remained in the game. Most of the experience in the legal market with IT, was in case manegement, and focused more on the conveyancing systems. Although in the last few years at my previous company, we also had successful risk businesses, performing searches on credible sources. So in essence, my software knowledge is probably better than my hardware and networking skills.

Our new e-publication called Tech4Law, now delivers what I and many others know to the legal market, trying to help them save money on technology.

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