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Why Vancouver Is One Of The Best Cities To Live In North America?!

Feb. 20, 2010 2:54 pm

Reasons why Vancouver is one of the most ideal cities in North America are many. Ideal, for it’s relatively mild climate, for it's beauty, for it's culture, for investment, for it's social services, and ideal for it’s people.

If you are looking for an ideal area to live, especially if you are not Canadian, you might want to consider Vancouver, British Colombia.

Vancouver, geographically situated on the far west corner of Canada in the beautiful province of British Colombia, profits from a mild climate thanks to the calm atmospheric conditions and effects of the pacific ocean. Vancouver not only enjoys its agreeable climate, but it freely displays its natural unparalleled beauty overlooking the Georgia Strait and scattered green islands. This third largest metropolitan boom town in Canada can easily pass for the most beautiful city in North America.

Vancouver has always attracted different cultures from around the world making it one of the most culturally rich ports in the world. Its overwhelmingly high Asian population that is notably conspicuous in the famous China town, and its European influence portrayed by a variety of exclusive shops and award winning restaurants that contribute to its tasteful and high class setting make up its diverse and enchanting culture.

These attributes make Vancouver one of the most ideal places in the world for investment as well. Its relatively steady real estate market and simple immigration laws for the wealthy bring many affluent investors to the area.

Now, to make things perfect, as a Vancouver resident you also get to profit from the highly organized and coveted universal medicine and social services it offers for all ages and breeds!

However, perhaps the most appealing reason why Vancouver is one of the most ideal cities in North America is the charm and kindness of its people. They are pleasant, courteous and receive you with open arms!

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