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Mike Samii
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The Spirit of Play - Lets Play the Game of Life!

Feb. 8, 2010 5:48 pm

If you have been following the advice of a guru or an expert in the field of personal development and haven't really seen any noticeable positive results in your life, one advice that I can give you is not to let it get to you!

The more you wonder, what is it that I am doing wrong, or why is this thing not working, the more you block the flow of abundance with your doubt or worry!

One mantra that I have registered in my mind from a very wise spiritual leader by the name of Bashar is "Circumstances Don't Matter, Only State of Being Matters!"

Remember, at the end, it is your state of being that will help or not help you realize what you want depending on what your state of being is.

I do understand that certain circumstances seem to be hard to cope with, especially if they are personal or financial. However, no matter how bad they seem, you should not let them affect you to the level of worry or distress. Even in the worst circumstances your mental health is more important.

Paul McCartney has a song called "what is the use of worrying." When you think about it, you see that he is right. If something bad is going to happen, whether you worry or not, it is going to happen, and often than not by not worrying, it is not going to happen.

Once you realize that all life is, is a game, specially in the physical universe, and if you just take it easy and play this funny game and really get into the spirit of play, you'll see that it becomes much more flexible.

Bashar compares life to clay. "Play with clay. The more you play with it, the more flexible or malleable it becomes. Playing." By playing, the clay turns softer and more elastic like, so you can do that much more with it. Same is true with life.

Changing your state of being to a higher state and staying in that vibration will almost guarantee success in any aspect of your life.

No matter how bad it looks out there, and how persistent this bad situation seems to be, if you do not give in and stay in your innate vibration, you will, if not immediately, but soon see your life improving and turn to the right direction.

Once you see life as a game and get into the spirit of play, you'll begin to feel better. You won't take things so seriously anymore and begin to see a change around you. Even if you don't see things change immediately and don't get deceived by the echo that has been carried over from the conditions past, they will improve for the better sooner than later. Learn about the game of life by visiting Lets play!

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