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Mike Samii
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To Europe on an Authentic European Travel with Rick Steves

Jan. 17, 2010 10:51 pm

The are many organizations around the world that provide travel services, and customized tours to Europe. Many of these services have very similar operational styles and you can't really see a unique characteristic!

However, one service that truly stands out is "Europe Through The Back Door" run and operated by the Travel expert Rick Steves and his international team.

Why? Because Rick Steves has been dedicated to European travel for more than 20 years and he conducts and participates in many of the tours himself. He is not just another CEO that is sitting in his office in a metropolitan area teleconferencing his team ( although he might do that if necessary) around the world. No, he get down and dirty if you will and travels to Europe himself every summer with his dedicated team.

He picks cute and authentic hotels and restaurants in historic districts of every city, town, or village his tour passes through, so that his clients can savor the real culture through the back doors of Europe, not just sight seeing per se.

His passion for Europe and European travel is specially conspicuous and revealing when it comes to food and wine. Notably in countries that are known for their fame of gastronomy like France and Italy. That is why he has food and wine consultants that enlighten him on the availability of regional dishes that would be a crime to overlook and pass by without trying. Wines that match those dishes and divulge their quality and excellent taste to you.

I had the opportunity to attend his 2010 annual tour event at his international headquarters in beautiful Edmonds, Washington in the United States. It was very educational indeed!

Remember that part of an authentic European travel is experiencing and savoring the local food and wines of each region. Get access to a complete European Gastronomy Manifesto by visiting and become a more savvy traveler to Europe!

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