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Gold And Silver Can Become Your Insurance Policy

Jul. 19, 2011 8:20 am
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If you have not yet tuned in to what is happening with the U.S. and world economy, this may be a good time to do so. Because the U.S. national debt is at levels that can never be paid back, and unemployment is a problem that does not seem to improve in any shape or form, since all manufacturing jobs have been exported to overseas!

There are over 45 million people on food stamps in the U.S. alone! Conservatively, over 4 million homes have been foreclosed on since the burst of the real estate bubble and many citizens have found themselves in austerity. And now, the honest real estate advisors even project the real estate market to drop by another 20%!

This means that the value of U.S. dollar and many other currencies in the world are on their way down, which would have a profound effect on your buying power! In plain English, expect to pay more for food and gasoline.

What can you do to reverse all this, well in a nutshell, stop the international banking and oil cartels, who have created this mess to begin with from controlling and dictating our policies. However, we're not here to point fingers, but if you're interested in the truth, you can do your own research online where you're sure to find plenty of credible data that explains all that. If you are a veritable truth seeker, you can certainly find it on the alternative media and the Internet.

One immediate remedy or insurance you can buy right now to cover your back however, is owning physical gold and silver! As the Federal Reserve has no choice but to print more money out of thin air, and buy our country's debt and at the same time flood the market with more devalued reserve currency, all you can expect to see in the horizon is more inflation. The only hedge to inflation is owning physical gold and silver!

We haven't seen the bottom yet folks! The bottom is still in front of us! If you do not hold at least 20% of your portfolio in physical gold and silver, you'll be sorry! Because those are the only commodities that will increase in value, other than oil and food of course. In addition, it will be very risky to own any commodity on paper as the commodities market is a very unstable arena in which to invest your money, very similar to the stock market! In the view of what is taking place in the world economy, I think 50% of every investor or non-investor's assets should be in physical gold and silver!

Please take control of your own financial future! By that I mean, buy gold and silver in a physical form, and not contracts, and do not keep them in a safe deposit box, as many banks can go under! This can be your only insurance policy that would be worth a lot and keep you afloat when the tsunami hits! Things are going to get worst before they get better! You need to cover your back so you and your family can ride the waves with much less difficulty!

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