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Free Google URL Builder Tracks Your Custom Campaigns

Apr. 23, 2012 2:15 am
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As you probably know, Google Analytics automatically tracks all of the referrals and search queries that send traffic to your website.

But did you know...

That you can customize any link to your site that you control/define and get the exact same information from those links.

By that I mean everything from banner ads to text links to forum posts to even Twitter Tweets!

Well, you can do that and more, read on...

You just customize the links by adding some custom tags to the end of each link Web address (URL) and they will get tracked and reported right in your Google Analytics account.

Let's look at each custom variable tags (see some examples below):

  • utm_source: this is where you put the location of where the link is located, that is, the vendor or Web site where the link is.
  • utm_medium: this is where you identify the kind of advertising medium, like a specific banner ad or an email.
  • utm_campaign: this is how you identify the campaign, like a holiday sale for a specific product or a new launch.
  • utm_term: if you are manually tagging paid keyword campaigns then put your keyword here.
  • utm_content: this is where you would differentiate between versions or placements of an ad like different banner ads for the same campaign or even different call-to-action links in a single email.

Note, you should always use the first three variables and remember that Google Analytics is also case sensitive, so the values in any of the above tags would be too, for example, utm_miduem=Bannerad is different from utm_miduem=bannerad is different from utm_miduem=BannerAd.

Here are a few examples:


Sounds good doesn't it, but maybe a lot of work.

Google actually has a URL builder where you just enter the various information in some text boxes and it will create the link for you to copy and paste.

You can get to it here:


Author Update, Link No Longer Works

If you want to learn a little more about tagging Google also has a short Web page to help you, you can get to it here:


The Google URL Builder is a handy little tool but to be able to track any and all links in custom campaigns (or not) right from a Google Analytics account is spectacular!

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